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Forward in Faith has branches in both England and America, a group which upholds the standard Biblical tradition of male-only priesthood.  The reasons for such a view vary with who is defending it.  You can see the Webmaster's view in the Women's Ordination Library in the Theology Libraries.  

Forward in Faith, North America, transmuted through several previous organizations, the last of which was "The Episcopal Synod of America" (ESA).  It joined with FiF in England, who had the name first, in order to widen the sphere of mutual support and encouragement.  

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ESA 1997 Convention - July 27-30, Philadelphia (news/commentary)

Report on the Forward in Faith Conference at Church of the Good Shepherd in Rosemont, PA  June 26-8. 

Canons on ownership of property 

The Diocese of Pennsylvania Debacle

Philadelphia - Mexican Standoff - between ESA Parishes and PA bishops

Philly Again - Rectors refuse to allow bishop to come (10/8/97)  

And Again (10/16/97)

The Ordination of Women

The American Anglican Council (AAC) on Women's Ordination

ESA Strategy - Summary

London Times: Schism over Women Priests???

CCLEC Responds to ESA

History of Resistance to the Ordination of Women in the Episcopal Church -- a sad story... 

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