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The E V I D E N C E

a Quick Summary of Chapter V of
Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?
the Wedding of Truth to Compassion & Reason to Revelation

F. Earle Fox

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also, see Paul Cameron article on homosexual behavior.

See especially Strategy for Winning.


       1. Compassion & Truth
2. Behavior Profile
3. The Biblical Evidence
4. Scripture & Science
5. Medical Evidence
6. Psychological Evidence
7. Biological Evidence
8. Sociological Evidence
9. Conclusions

[Note: I introduced these issues below at a committee meeting on developing rites for same sex marriage and ordinations at the Episcopal General Convention in Indianapolis, August 1994.  I was told by the chair that such material was inappropriate.  I appealed the decision, pointing out that this kind of response to persons who raise objections is precisely why the discussion has been conducted in the absence of factual knowledge. I was allowed to proceed, but half of my allotted 3 minutes was used up.   Pray for ten righteous bishops  and ten righteous Deputies to carry this information gracefully and intelligently into the debate in the House of Bishops and House of Deputies -- not only in the Episcopal Church, but in Churches across the land and around the world. .  


Every Christian is obligated unconditionally by God to love his neighbor just as he would love himself.  He is obligated to honor all other persons by listening care-fully to their side of the story.  

But the compassion with which our culture is pre-occupied is often a front behind which operates a betrayal of truth-seeking at the deepest and most profound level -- the level of life and death.  The primary obligation behind all other obligations, even behind the two great commandments to love God and neighbor, is the obligation to be truth-seekers and truth-speakers.  All other obligations necessarily presuppose that one. Love and compassion cannot happen in chaos.  

Love and compassion have the structure of truth, and are meaningless without it.   When the arena of public debate is undermined by a betrayal of truth-seeking (when any of us want more to "be right" than to tell the truth), one can be sure that close behind is the father of lies and hidden obsessions with pride, power, and pleasure.

The following is offered, knowing that it will cause pain, but knowing also that those most deeply hurt by wrong behavior are those caught in it, and that only in full commitment to truth are we set free. Compassion and freedom have the structure and backbone of truth. If we care about those with AIDS, as with any other problem, we will tell them the truth, and call them likewise to seek the truth.


Studies abound describing homosexual culture, by both pro- and anti-homosexual people. While precise figures in such matters are inherently hard to obtain, nevertheless, the evidence results in a fairly clear picture of the kinds and frequencies of behavior engaged in by homosexual persons. The picture below is reinforced by the hours of TV coverage of the "gay rights" parades by C-Span and other organizations, readily available.  The parades were hours and hours of sordid pornographic, obscene, and often blasphemous behavior.

The following figures are from ARE GAY RIGHTS RIGHT? by Roger Magnuson, KINSEY, SEX, AND FRAUD, by Reisman and Eichel, and from THE GAY AGENDA, a video documentary by THE REPORT. These in turn quote from a wide range of sources, mostly various public health reports. Four more recent books are HOMOSEXUALITY: A FREEDOM TOO FAR, by Charles Socarides, HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE POLITICS OF TRUTH, by Jeffrey Satinover, both psychiatrists, STRAIGHT AND NARROW? by Thomas Schmidt, and A STRONG DELUSION by Joe Dallas, a leader in the Exodus ex-gay ministries. The evidence is clear and uncontradicted by any reputable researcher. There is also a large amount of material on the ROAD to EMMAUS website (see below), including medical references.

Homosexual persons cannot use normal means of sexual gratification, and so substitute other means, chiefly other body apertures not constructed for sexual penetration, to imitate sexual intercourse. The result is not true sexual activity, but rather to imitate the feelings produced by sexual activity. The aim is feeling good, not good relationship, the goal of Godly sexuality.

Behind homosexuality is the whole tragic "sex-revolution", the philosophy of "pan-sexuality", that there is no moral distinction between forms of sexual activity -- including bestiality, fetishism, sado-masochism, etc. The pan-sexual means to accomplish this "feeling good" is limited not to the same or opposite sex, but quite literally, only by one's opportunity and imagination.

Hence, homosexual culture centers around great numbers of anonymous sexual encounters in almost every available circumstance, whether public or private. Sexual encounters commonly happen in public parks and lavatories, anywhere an unseen fleeting moment can be had.

If research statistics are correct, 100% of male homosexuals engaged in oral sex.  Approximately 93% engage in anal sex, inserting the penis into the anus of the partner.  92% engage in "rimming", touching the anus of one's partner with one's tongue and inserting the tongue into the anus.  47% engage in "fisting", inserting one's fist into the anus of the partner.  29% engage in "golden showers", urinating on each other.  17% engage in "scat", the eating of feces, or rubbing of feces on each other, and in "mud rolling", rolling on the floor where feces have been deposited.  It is not uncommon for a homosexual person to declaw and defang a mouse or other rodent to be inserted into the colon.

The following report was sent to me by a person who had read this article:

"I have had some experience with the mouse/colon story in your article. I was Business Manager to the pathologists at St. Thomas Hospital here in ...... for years and a Laboratory Coordinator. How well I remember the day our chief of surgical pathology, who was of the 'old school', worked on the gay case where the colon was penetrated by the mouse's claws. I will never forget how shocked he was. He was in total disbelief."

There is no more sense to justifying homosexual behavior than to permitting your child to play in the toilet.  When the taboo is broken against contact with human waste, the doors are opened to a tragic spiral downhill into further self-destructive behavior which reverses most of the standards of cleanliness which, over several centuries, have been primarily responsible for our increase in lifespan (see below on lifespan).

"Gay" bath houses (the opposite of cleansing baths) are common in areas where the homosexual culture has found tolerance.  The homosexual wanders undressed about a building with semi-darkened rooms in which sexual activities are engaged in anonymously and with large numbers of people. As described in ARE GAY RIGHTS RIGHT?:

"The degree of promiscuity in the baths defies the imagination....  There is no indication, however, that any of the homosexual organizations has opposed or in any way showed interest in counteracting the effects of the baths."

The homosexual male averages from about 20 to 106 partners per year, and from 300 to 500 in a lifetime. 27% of homosexual males have had over 1000 sexual partners in a lifetime.  AIDS victims taken as a group averaged 1100 different partners, some reporting as many as 20,000.

The typical homosexual person is apparently better educated, has a higher income, and travels more widely than the average person. Homosexuality is not a matter of deprived education or income.

Homosexual persons are often sexually involved with children.  Evidence shows that the link between homosexuality and pederasty is well forged. As one prominent homosexual activist told two hundred educators at Harvard: "It is absurd to hire a teacher and then say, 'But don't bring yourself to work. Don't bring your values or world view into the classroom.'"

NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Assn.) often marches in homosexual rights parades.

* * * * * * * *

The following is a summary of certain aspects of a veritable mountain of medical evidence concerning the massively disease-producing character of homosexual behavior.  It is presented to provide a quick response to those who maintain that homosexuality is "mainstream America", that it is God-given, that it is natural or healthy. All of this material can be fully and substantially documented.


The primary issue is simply this:

Homosexuality is good and right in the eyes of God

True or False?

It is illogical and irresponsible for Churches to raise the possibility of same-sex ordinations or the blessing of same-sex unions before having had an open and honest discussion of whether homosexuality is itself right to begin with. That discussion has been sidetracked and subverted in both the Church and the public media, with failure on both sides of the issue.  People of moral and intellectual integrity on both sides will force the discussion into the open whether local ground rules allow that or not.

The biological, medical, and psychological issues all hang on what God says about the matter. Whether God says "yes" or "no", that settles the moral issue.

If God has spoken to us through Scripture, then the answer is clear. Every time homosexuality is mentioned either in the Bible or by any of the early Church fathers, it is mentioned in unqualified condemnation.

The case for a heterosexual creation begins, not with Sodom, but in the creation story where all the basic conditions of life are set. God created Adam and Eve in His image male and female.  The basic hetero-sexual (or better, hetero-gender) pattern of creation is never challenged or overturned at any point in Scripture or in mainstream orthodox Christian history (see In the Image of God: Male & Female - a 2 hour video presentation by the Rev. Earle Fox).

The clear reading of Scripture is that homosexuality is a compulsive, addictive, and lethal condition (accurately described in Romans 1), one among the many idolatries (i.e. addictions) of the fallen world.

Attempts to reinterpret Scripture (the Sodom story, Romans 1, and other passages) run aground quickly. The arguments fail to establish that the Bible even remotely condones homosexuality, but even if the full force of the arguments is granted, the very best they could prove is that Paul or some other writer did not understand our present situation and our "more clear thinking" on the matter -- so that the Biblical injunctions against homosexual behavior don't count anymore. No one can seriously contend, therefore, that the Bible is specifically pro-homosexual, only (at best) that the obvious anti-homosexual stance of the Bible "no longer counts".


So we ask: Are there good reasons for overturning this Biblical heterosexual pattern? Have we indeed learned new information about sexuality, or discovered new evidence about the mind of God that would warrant the drastic step of throwing overboard four thousand years of Biblical belief, tradition, and what we thought was the command of God?

In fact, however, the attempts to overturn the clear reading of Scripture are more often attempts to undermine, not discern, the will of God, and attempts to pit "modern science" or "more recent findings", against Scripture, assuming that we have discovered new knowledge about human sexuality which overrides what we have assumed from Scripture to be true.

However, there is no empirical science which can override what God tells us. If God has spoken a No", then that settles the moral question.

And, secondly, the alleged "new findings" do not exist. They are nowhere to be found. Not a single discovery of scientific repute suggests new knowledge overturning the Biblical standards. At no point ever has the "sex revolution" had even a teaspoon of scientific backup. The appalling truth is that Christians and Americans generally have let ignorant and dishonest people define the terms of debate in education and politics.

The empirical sciences cannot speak for God, but they can shed light on WHY God has given His answer, and give helpful ideas on how practically to implement that answer. The command of God determines how we handle the available medical, biological, and psychological evidence.

We can ask, then, whether the witness of Scripture to the judgment of God lines up with the results of empirical science.   Does homosexuality show itself to be normal and natural, or to be compulsive, addictive, and lethal?

The Biblical evidence has been so beclouded with incompetent and sometimes deceitful scholarship, that it is nearly impossible to hold a reasonable discussion on the Biblical evidence. Those who point out the obvious Biblical position against homosexuality are given bad labels, as though a compassionate God would never have said "no". The strategy of truth-seekers, therefore, must focus on the hard evidence in other fields, and to ask: Does the empirical evidence suggest any reasons why God might have said "no"?   The truth is that a compassionate God would never have said "yes".


There are many facts long known to the medical profession about homosexual behavior. Two are presented below, along with some more recent evidence on the average lifespan of homosexual persons.

1. Anal intercourse is a primary activities in which homosexual persons engage (over 90% of homosexual men). It almost always tears the rectal tissue, allowing the introduction of fecal matter from the person's intestinal tract into his or her body.  This is inherently disease producing.

2. The sperm introduced into the colon penetrates the colon walls, and then attacks the person's immune system, thus rendering him or her increasingly less able to fend off those very diseases which were introduced by the fecal matter.

These two facts have been known by the medical profession for decades. Any competent medical doctor will be able (and with moral integrity, willing) publicly to verify these statements concerning the so-called "gay bowels syndrome" and other conditions.

3. The result of these and other activities in which homosexual persons typically engage have resulted in an average lifespan for the male homosexual person of approximately 42 years. That means an appalling average loss of about 40% of the male homosexual's lifespan. Female homosexuals, according to the same researcher, live only a few years longer.

4. When AIDS is included, the average lifespan drops another 7% into the 30's.  

If these statements are facts, it is not possible to call homosexual behavior "mainstream America", or just my neighbor living his life like I live mine. or that it is a God-given condition. That is a pathological condition of the most serious order.


Homosexuality is a compulsive and lethal addiction. The evidence is so clear that it is hard to understand how the American public could have been persuaded to believe otherwise. It has taken a planned and deliberate public relations campaign to deceive the public into believing a lie (openly described by homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in their book, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 1990's).

Beginning in the early 1980's, homosexual persons were told by medical people and others, including those favorable to the homosexual lifestyle (as in the book, The Band Played On, by Randy Shilts, an advocating homosexual), that if they continued to engage in anal intercourse and other activities in which body fluids were exchanged, that they would get AIDS and die.

Their response was typically, and continues to be, "You are not attacking my behavior, you are attacking my being." Large numbers of homosexual persons thus continued to engage in the lethal activities. We have watched hundreds of thousands of persons die of AIDS who would be alive today had they obeyed the advice offered. When one knowingly continues to pursue a behavior which will very likely result in death, that is prima facie evidence for either a moral or a psychological a disorder.

What was felt to be the oppressive morality of the Bible is in fact life protecting. God does not say "no" to be arbitrary or oppressive, but because He has mandated the fullness of life and knows better than anyone else how to attain that state.

Because homosexual persons identified their behavior with their "being", they could not stop the behavior that was killing them. "What I do IS my being!" was and is a typical response. But when we identify any behavior at all with our being, stopping that behavior will seem like suicide. We put ourselves in a psychological hammer lock, and so the behavior will become compulsive and unchangeable by rational decision-making. That fact largely explains the massive, uncontrolled promiscuity and the extraordinary mortality rate of homosexual persons.

Furthermore, every single study by a practicing therapist working with homosexuals has said that homosexual persons can change their sexual orientation, including Alfred Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, John Money, and many others who were favorable to the homosexual lifestyle.

The well known Exodus ministry, an umbrella group for nearly 200 local ex-gay Christian ministries worldwide and growing at which I have lectured for five years, testifies to the reality of that truth. Homosexual persons can and do change to a normal heterosexual lifestyle. As with any healing of addiction, a high motivation is necessary, and there are failures, but it can and is being done.

Persons interested in pursuing that freedom see information below on Exodus and NARTH.


Despite the image projected by the media and by pro-homosexual groups, there has not been one single study from which we can rightfully conclude that homosexuality is caused by genetic or biological conditions. Neither the much advertised study on the hypothalamus gland nor the twin studies yield evidence to conclude that homosexuality is primarily a genetic or biological condition.  The evidence indeed clearly points to the truth that the roots of homosexuality are varied and complex, and that they cannot possibly be only biological.  

The attempt by Dean Hamer to prove the existence of a "gay gene" because of the alleged preponderance of homosexuality in the maternal uncles of homosexual persons likewise fails for lack of replication.  Hamer was reportedly under investigation for having selectively reported his data.

Regardless of the biological evidence, the biological origin of a condition does not make it either right or wrong -- as, for example, with (perhaps) alcoholism, dyslexia, or other possibly inherited disabilities. We do not encourage alcoholics to have more alcohol, no matter how "fulfilling" it feels for them. We say, "No." To the extent that the condition of homosexuality may have a "nudge" from biological sources, and to the extent that it is contrary to the will of God, it is perhaps open for repair and healing to the emerging techniques of genetic surgery.

Homosexual advocates are forced to claim "biological origins" to cover the fact that they cannot stop what they are doing, to give justification for remaining in a condition which is compulsive and addictive, and to avoid having to face the hard and painful trip out of it.

For the moral issue, we must logically and necessarily turn to God for the answer. Does homosexuality conform to His plan for creation? And for that we are driven back to Scripture as our primary evidence, as well as to an honest research of other relevant secondary evidence from the natural sciences.


Homosexual advocates tell us that their bedroom behavior is no one's business but their own, but then insist that everyone make such behavior their business by publicly approving of it.  They promote stiff penalties for persons who violate "hate laws" by suggesting that homosexuality might be immoral, sinful, or unhealthy.  They clearly believe it is everybody's business -- but only on their terms.  

Homosexual persons are perhaps six times more likely than heterosexual persons to be involved in child-molestation.  And there is a strong association of drug and other unhealthy behavior with homosexuality.  The social costs for helping persons with AIDS and for pursuing a cure for AIDS are enormous, and drain resources from other needy causes -- when the spread of AIDS could be stopped overnight if the Biblical moral code were followed.

AIDS has become America's first legally protected disease in which standard epidemic controls are legally forbidden, such as tracking the sources of a disease.  


In view of these facts, and in view of the lives at stake, it is not reasonable or rational to call the homosexual lifestyle "mainstream America", or "God given", or "natural". The only conclusion one can reach on the basis of the evidence is that homosexuality is an addictive, compulsive, and lethal disorder.  Only a malevolent God would create persons afflicted with such a condition.

On that point, the witness of Scripture and of the empirical sciences are at one. Honest observation gives us quite adequate reasons for explaining why God has said "no".

Moreover, in view of such evidence, it is not compassionate or helpful to persons caught in homosexuality to justify their addiction. That is a kindness that kills, as "enablers" become guilty accomplices to alcoholic addictions. It is irrational and irresponsible for Churches to discuss liturgical celebration of behavior which God has forbidden and which is medically and emotionally self-destructive. Clearly the Church is obligated to base its decisions on the facts of the matter, no matter how much pain that may cause persons who are emotionally entangled in the homosexual culture, either directly or indirectly.

One does not choose to increase pain for anyone, but neither does one encourage others to avoid pain when that evasion will lead to the destruction of their life and the lives of others -- and hence only to greater pain. Persons who refuse to look at the evidence or to reason from it, or refuse to allow the evidence to be presented in the public discussion, are not showing compassion toward homosexual persons. They are showing ignorance, or fear, perhaps even a deeply buried hostility to the welfare of those persons whose lives are threatened by an addictive condition over which they have lost control. That is criminal irresponsibility, not compassion.

We must choose, therefore, whether we will continue to be "enablers" who only deepen a tragic situation, or whether we will resolve to speak the truth in love. The strategy which wins over deceit and manipulation is truth told in love -- at any cost to ourselves.

* * *

It matters little how many public debates we have if discussion continues to avoid the primary issues:

Homosexuality is good and right in the eyes of God --
Homosexual behavior is healthy behavior --

These statements are either True or False, and we need to know which, through patient, caring, and honest dialogue -- in order to make reasonable and helpful and compassionate decisions on the matter.

* * * * * * * * * * *

For follow-up, contact:

NARTH (Nat'l Assoc. of Research & Therapy of Homosexuality),
16542 Ventura Blvd., #416,   
Encino, CA 91436,
Tel: 818 789-4440.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Note: the above article is copyrighted, but may be printed and distributed if copied in its entirety with proper credits as originating from the ROAD to EMMAUS  Website: http://theroadtoemmaus.org

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