Letter to Virginia Legislators

[NOTE: this letter was written for Virginia legislators on the occasion of a Virginia Family Foundation lobby day in which we visited our own representatives, and heard from some legislators.  See report on Lobby Day.]

Dear Legislator,

I wish to support your efforts to serve the people of Virginia with truth, justice, and compassion in an area vital to all citizens.

In just a few decades, homosexual advocates have succeeded in reversing not only 4 centuries of American sexuality standards, but nearly 40 centuries of world, and especially Western, standards. Their strategy is clearly outlined in a book, After the Ball, by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, a strategy of propaganda (their word), deceit, and mental bullying -- candidly described. Homosexual advocates have also used physical intimidation -- as with the American Psychiatric Association.

They have succeeded in talking around (not meeting) all objections with their astonishingly effective strategy. There is one issue they cannot talk around, but they have deftly kept that issue from the public, namely, homosexual behavior. So the public, including our educational system, our politicians, and some religious denominations, have bought, as we say, "a pig in a poke". We have never actually observed and investigated the item we have bought. Smart salesmanship.

The materials in this envelope outline perhaps the only strategy which can halt their progress: namely, getting the issue of homosexual behavior out into the light of public discussion. They have been able to stop that discussion because they have (1) sold the public on their "victim" image, and (2) their behavior is so repulsive that no one wants to talk about it. And thus, Americans continue with the very uncomfortable illusion that what homosexual persons do is benign and harmless.  [The primary enclosure was the 1-sheet strategy.]

The easily obtainable and documentable facts tell us otherwise. Homosexuality is not harmless, it is not "mainstream America", it is a compulsive, lethal addiction, deserving condemnation and helpful intervention, not legal protection. Persons, not behaviors which are immoral and self-destructive, should be the object of legal protection.

* * *

Two issues need to be addressed: (1) orientation -- whether homosexuality is a genuine identity -- or whether it is a compulsive, addictive behavior seeking justification in a pseudo-identity; and (2) behavior -- whether homosexual behavior promotes health or sickness and death.

No scientific evidence exists to justify the demand for legal protection based on sexual orientation. The homosexual claim to be a type of human being is specious and circular because the only way to tell is by their own subjective declaration. There is no objective evidence, such a skin color, for their claim. The case for a biological or genetic causation never got off the ground. Not a single study alleging such has passed scientific peer review.

On the other hand, the evidence for the pathological nature of homosexual behavior abounds in medical and psychological journals and websites -- almost totally unknown to the public.

I hope that you will read the enclosed materials which point to the evidence on these matters.

* * *

The primary problem, however, is not sexuality, but the uncanny inability of those opposing the homosexual agenda to enforce candid and yet mutually respectful discussion. Nevertheless, one can accomplish that aim with the following two-liner:

You and I are on opposite sides of the homosexuality issue, but if the evidence should show that God approves and that homosexual behavior is a healthy way to express human sexuality, then I will stand publicly with you.

On the other hand, if the evidence should show either that God disapproves, or that homosexual behavior is inherently disease producing, would you be willing to reconsider your position?

Persons not impressed by the religious evidence can be asked to deal with the empirical health evidence. Once honest discussion, based on fact and logic, takes place, the homosexual agenda will collapse. The exposure of homosexual behavior will mean, fairly quickly, the end of their juggernaut.

* * *

Sound-bytes can be helpful, but a sound-byte backed up by substantial knowledge is a powerful weapon for truth and justice.

Sound-bytes are often used "on the defensive", e.g., when someone asks a question intended to trap the listener. In order to turn homosexual progress around, we must take the offensive, and put to them the vital question.

You are asking the State of Virginia to approve of homosexuality, which is a specific kind of behavior. Would you please describe the behavior which you wish us to approve?

If they will not, or cannot, describe the behavior, one can read (or hand them) the list of behaviors in the enclosed Homosexuality Debate in the Public Arena article, asking if this list is accurate, and if so, which of these behaviors to they wish the State to approve, and why?

If they disagree with the list, one then asks for their list, and for the empirical studies which verify their list as accurate. The list in the above article is from one of the largest studies made on the subject -- by two homosexual researchers. There is no study which significantly contradicts the general picture of this study. The general picture of homosexual behavior is agreed upon by researchers from both sides of the fence.

Until the "talking point" of behavior is put on the table, all other "talking points" are irrelevant -- because we do not yet even have a clear description of that for which approval sought. When the behavior is made clear, along with its health consequences, the homosexual juggernaut will grind to a halt.

* * *

Please note the Emmaus Ministries website (http://theRoadtoEmmaus.org), where you can find further materials in the Homosexuality Library, as well as a listing of other websites where scientific evidence abounds.

If you would like further help locating materials, please to not hesitate to contact me as indicated in the above letterhead.

Thank you for your time. I trust that these enclosures will be helpful in your efforts to serve, with truth and compassion, the people of Virginia.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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