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The Globalization of World Education

F. Earle Fox
Review of Research Manual

See also an old article, The Globalization of American Education.

Research Manual - America 2000 / Goals 2000 - Moving the Nation Educationally to a "New World Order" is an 800 page (8.5 x 11) Research Manual by James R. Patrick and Citizens for Academic Excellence published in 1994-- on the globalist attempt to control education world-wide through the UN.  This is not a book about what is going to happen, it is about what has already happened, and is functioning pretty much as they want it to.  It is steadily brain-washing our children, using methods of psychological warfare to control their thinking and to produce atheists, practicing if not believing atheists.  They are about 85% successful.  If your Christian children attend government schools, on average you will be losing 85% of them to the Christian faith by the time they leave your home for marriage and/or work. 

If the Christian faith means anything at all, that is child abuse.  And then you have the judgement of God to face.  Not a good idea.  You may not be able to get your children out right away, but there is much you can do to insulate and protect them with honest truth at home.  You can teach them the Bible, have regular prayer with them, etc., but the most important thing you can do with them is to love your spouse in the context of your Christian faith. 

Most of the book is photocopies of the documents which prove James Patrick's case, not merely quotes.  He has done his research.  This treasure trove of information was almost totally ignored by everyone, including most importantly -- the clergy. 

The planned destruction of the Church of God is not a religious issue?  Government ed. is the Church of Secular Humanism (now being succeeded by neo-paganism), and the government is its enforcer.  That is why they want to tell the clergy what they can and cannot preach on.  Not in my church, they won't!   When you enter the church, take off your jack boots and leave them by the door.


The destruction of American education began at least as early as Horace Mann's quest for government schooling.  He is called the father of government schooling, having brought that about in Massachusetts after 1837 when he got on the newly formed Massachusetts board of education (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horace_Mann).  Much of his inspiration came from what he had heard about concerning education in Prussia, probably the most militaristic nation on earth at that time. Prussia had a state-controlled, mandatory education system which formed the minds and hearts of Prussian students.  Centralized government education was gradually sold to more and more states, leading eventually to the federal department of education in the 1960's.  Education took a sharp drop, but we had been so mind-controlled even by then that we did nothing.  If a foreign country had done that to us, we would have considered it an act of war.  It was, and the enemy was our own govenment.

But the worst was to come as the UN became the international tool for globalization.  In March of 1990, the UN held a conference in Thailand promoting international control of education.  A century and a half later, it was right down Mann's alley.  The ideas for international control were brought back to the nations by the representatives, in the case of the US, given to the Federal Department of Education, which the sponsored a conference to which all state departments of education were invited.  The conference was chaired by then governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. 

The federal government was able to buy out the state departments of education by massive grants of money, available only if the state followed federal directions.  State boards of education have sold their authority for a pot of message, and the local boards of education are virtually useless for determining the quality of local education. 

This monumental book was published in 1994, aimed at 2000.  The government program promised the moon, grate advances in education -- not one of which has come about -- 13 years later.  They lied to us, and we keep on believing them.  God help us! 

The only possible solution to the disaster is getting government totally, 100%, out of education at all levels.  Give education back to the parents, to independent organizations with no government ties, to churches, to anyone who wants to build a school and teach.  Then we will again have a freemarket of ideas rather than the brainwashing from on high which perverts all aspects of society -- family, education, church, politics, and all the rest. 

See the bibliography for education issues to pursue the truth behind what is said here.  Either we get our education back where it belongs, or America will die.  It is already a question mark whether we can recover without a severe persecution.  Maybe civil war once again, only far more destructive, I fear, to the whole fabric of America than the first Civil War. 

What we have is not only bad education, which does not teach much of worth, we have bad education run by evil-minded persons.  Evil-minded because what they are doing is insincere, subversive, refuses open and honest discussion.  When truth is systematically subverted, we are in spiritual warfare, and need to unsheath the two-edged Sword of the Spirit -- reason and revelation welded back to back, an invincible weapon. 

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Date Posted - 05/31/2013   -   Date Last Edited - 06/21/2013