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Continuing Collapse #4

See See #1, #2, #3

[COMMENT:  With a bit of humor, Bruce Shortt brings us the tragedy we call public education.  It is neither public nor education.  Bruce Shortt is pretty direct about homosexual behavior.  But we must force them to admit the the behaviors they want approved, not just say so ourselves.  We should do that every time the subject comes up.    E. Fox]

1. Our_Children_are_Salt_and_Light --  Yeah, right. 

2. Full_of_Envy,_Murder,_Strife,_Deceit,_and_Malice  --  If you doubt the connections (via our Globalist shadow government) between homosexual activists and the Islamic jihads, read this.   Bits and pieces keep adding up the same conclusion -- that Globalists are  using both of these groups.   

3. Mainstreaming_Acceptance_of_the_Homosexual_Lifestyle_Among_Children --  Do you want your child at risk?  Or your grandchild?

4. Drugging_Children  -- an indictment of how drugs are being used for control, not healing, in our schools.  This is betrayal. 


6. NEW_TOOLS_FOR_ENFORCING_SCHOOL_DISCIPLINE  --  2nd Amendment rights for teachers???


"Doing the Research that Illegal Aliens Won't Do Since 1977"
"Our Children are Salt and Light"
      The "salt and light" lie continues to wear thin. In 2006 Roger Moran and I submitted a resolution to the SBC Annual Meeting urging development of an "exit strategy" from the government schools. Roger also cleverly engineered the passage of a motion directing LifeWay to research what is happening spiritually with our young people. LifeWay was supposed to report back on its findings in advance of the 2007 Annual Meeting. It didn't, and now we know why: the news was not what the "salt and lighters"  wanted to hear. As reported by Adelle Banks of RNS:
More than two-thirds of young adults stopped attending Protestant churches regularly for at least a year when they were between the ages of 18 and 22, a new study by LifeWay Research shows.
Seventy percent of 23- to 30-year-olds dropped out of the church scene, researchers found, while only about 35 percent of them eventually returned to the fold and are attending church two times a month.
     The news is actually worse than it seems. Note that the study did not investigate how many children from Protestant families are leaving the church prior to 18. Moreover, the study shows that roughly three-fourths of the 35% of the 70% (that's 24.5% of the 70%) who eventually return to church are returning for social rather than spiritual reasons - pressure from parents and friends and the birth of children being chief among them.
     LifeWay's results are broadly consistent with various other studies and estimates showing that church attendance is rapidly declining through the loss of younger generations. But as bad as LifeWay's findings are, it is likely that any serious study of the actual beliefs of teenagers and young adults still attending church would demonstrate that only a relatively small percentage of them could honestly be characterized as "Christian". Why do I say this? Because Barna Research has found this to be the case time and again (e.g. a majority of young people professing to be Christian think Christ sinned while on earth, fewer than 10% of evangelical teens believe that there is any such thing as absolute moral truth, salvation is not through Christ alone, etc.).
Should we be surprised at these results? Should we expect something different when we overwhelmingly give our children to a pagan government school system to be discipled?
Sodomites: "They are Full of Envy, Murder, Strife, Deceit, and Malice" (Romans 1)
    The "murder" part is particularly relevant here. Bear with me...
    Since the Kirk and Madsen blueprint for "queering" the culture was written, homosexuals have systematically and carefully used the media, schools, and other institutions to cultivate the lie that sodomites are essentially just like everyone else. To get up to spend on the marketing of the sodomite lifestyle, see: http://www.regent.edu/acad/schlaw/academics/lawreview/articles/14_2Rondeau.PDF
or, if you don't have adobe:
      Many pastors and most Christians have been influenced by this propaganda campaign because they never see homosexuals in their natural habitat expressing authentic "gay" culture. Moreover, the media, which is allied with the sodomites, makes sure that the unlovely reality of homosexuals' hyper-promiscuity, grossly disproportionate involvement in pedophilia, repellent, extraordinarily dangerous sexual practices, public sexual exhibitionism, extraordinarily high rates of loathsome diseases, high levels of ("domestic") violence, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and other behavioral and psychological pathologies, never see the light of day in the mainstream media. Consequently, the campaign to "normalize" and force the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle has had tremendous success.
      Occasionally, homosexual activists publicly express their true "inner queer". Below are two excerpts from homosexual websites. As you will see, the websites, gaysafety.org and gayhumanrights.org, are advocating the killing of not only those who are opposed to "gay rights", but also their "bloodlines" - that is their children, grandchildren, etc.
While many already possess such self defense and military skills, it is necessary for the worldwide gay-allied community to acquire a relatively-uniform knowhow and expertise to defend and enforce human rights against human rights violators, using lethal force as needed to prevent and punish violations.
The Stonewall Rebellion celebrated on Christopher Street Day each year in the month of June serves as a reminder of our capacity to hold the top human rights violators and their bloodlines accountable for GLBT persecution. There is not a single nation on Earth where such violators and their bloodlines can escape our retribution when they violate our human rights. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/1881051/posts
Lest you think that these are mere abstract threats of mass murder, the swell folks at gayhumanrights.org have started drawing up a list of certain persons and their bloodlines who, in the words of The Lord High Executioner in Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado, "never will be missed": 
In response, millions of oppressed human beings can inflict extraordinary damage. As (homosexual) Americans finally grow tired of experiencing human rights violations, seeing family, friends, children, and themselves persecuted, they can simply start executing their oppressors - obliterating 8-10 million every 5 minutes until the oppressors are ended forever - over 100 million in a single hour. And no force on Earth can halt this retribution once unleashed. ...The profound grievances of tens of millions of Americans have never been redressed. In the past, this type of retaliation for human rights violations - to avenge centuries of persecution, suffering and death foisted upon a minority population and their allies - was blocked by technological considerations and by not being able to clearly identify sufficient targets; recent events have removed both lingering obstacles.
Culture war is currently a euphemism for civil war. ...The pattern of genocide within the United States is irrefutable...the only recourse for those being targeted for genocide is to seek mass retribution, slaying vast numbers of oppressors.
Enemies Responsible for Suffering and Deaths of Family Members Who Are Gay
AZ -- Alliance Defense Fund, Matt Stavers/Liberty Counsel
AK -- Arkansas Family Council
CO -- James Dobson, Focus on the Family
IL -- Pete LaBarbara, Illinois Family Institute
KY -- Family Foundation of Kentucky
MI -- Gary Glenn, American Family Association of Michigan
MS -- Don Wildmon, American Family Association
MT -- Jeff Laszloffy - Montana Family Foundation
NE -- Nebraska Family Council
ND -- North Dakota Family Alliance
OR -- Lon Mabon - Oregon Citizens Alliance
UT -- 'Church' of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka LDS, Mormon Cult note: they have spent millions violating human rights, Mormon children have extremely high suicide rate from cult exposure)
WY -- Wyoming Family Coalition
(Yes, I am a little bitter about not making the list.)
These web postings have been taken down now that law enforcement has been notified of the threats (the Freerepublic links still work). And I am sure that "responsible" spokesmen for the "gay community" are busily discounting this to their friends in the media as "aberrant" and not representative of the fine folks who insist they have a right to have anal sex in public parks and public restrooms. Still, if any of you know anything at all about homosexuals, and most of you really don't, I can only say that Romans 1:24-32 is quite accurate.
Before dismissing the posts on gaysafety.org and gayhumanrights.org as "aberrant", you might take a look at the research provided by the Regent University Law Review: http://www.regent.edu/acad/schlaw/academics/lawreview/issues/v14n2.html .  I also recommend Scott Lively's book, The Pink Swastika http://www.leaderu.com/jhs/lively.html  .
Mainstreaming Acceptance of the Homosexual Lifestyle Among Children 
Kevin Jennings: A Former Highly Trained Education Professional Talks About His Success
     Kevin Jennings, the "Johnny Appleseed" of sodomy clubs for middle schools and high schools:
Jennings, a 44-year-old former high school teacher who took the organization [The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network] from a local school-based group to a national one during the 1994-95 school-year, said he believes coming out earlier is directly related to the greater accessibility of information from the Internet, TV and people's peers.
"In my generation, it was very rare to come out in high school. I didn't really know or understand the language for it. They [teens today] have a language to explain what they're feeling that wasn't available to teens in the past," Jennings said.
Part of the reason that young people are coming out sooner may be that as a whole, Generation Nexters -- those aged 16-25 -- are more accepting of homosexuality in general.
Nearly six in 10 people in that age bracket say "homosexuality is a way of life that should be accepted by society," according to a survey released by the Pew Research Center in January. In comparison, the same survey found that only 50 percent of those aged 25 and older felt the same way.
Greater exposure to media images of gay people also has increased homosexuality's awareness and acceptance....

Currently more than 3,000 GSAs across the country are registered with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, a group that works to create safe school environments for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or identification...
Delsman, who says coming out is a life-long process, said he's directly seen the positive effect these clubs can have on school environments and students. There's less bullying and fewer discriminatory comments...
Erik Stegman, a 24-year-old UCLA law student and current co-chairman of GLSEN's National Leadership Council, said the student-run movement helps build confident leaders.
"I became more confident than ever before. This is who I am. On a personal level, I absolutely think it was a positive experience. I gained a lot. We all have to mature real fast coming out," he said.
He said he would like to "turn the whole country's attitude toward what it means to be GLBT, especially as you're young, change the perception that it's a disadvantage, that it's something to feel sad about, guilty about."
The Brave New Schools: Drugging Children
    As a result of being diagnosed with psychiatric "disorders", Florida children are being medicated with psychotropic drugs at record levels .  And just what institution do you think has been encouraging the idea that millions and millions of children, including children in diapers, are in need of psychiatric drugs?
In the past seven years, the number of Florida children prescribed such drugs has increased some 250 percent. Last year, more than 18,000 state kids on Medicaid were given prescriptions for antipsychotic drugs.
Even children as young as 3 years old. Last year, 1,100 Medicaid children under 6 were prescribed antipsychotics, a practice so risky that state regulators say it should be used only in extreme cases.
These numbers are just for children on fee-for-service Medicaid, generally the poor and disabled. Thousands more kids on private insurance are also on antipsychotics....
There is almost no research on the long-term effects of such powerful medications on the developing brains of children. The more that researchers learn, the less comfortable many are becoming with atypicals.
Initially billed as wonder drugs with few significant side effects, evidence is mounting that they can cause rapid weight gain, diabetes, even death...
Medicaid and insurance companies have fed the problem, encouraging the use of psychiatric drugs as they reimburse less and less for labor-intensive psychotherapy and occupational therapy.
Another factor: Doctors have been influenced by pharmaceutical companies, which have aggressively marketed atypicals.
Whatever the reasons for the soaring use of psychiatric drugs in children, things have gotten out of whack, according to Dr. Ronald Brown. Last year he headed an American Psychological Association committee that looked into the issue.
"The bottom line is that the use of psychiatric medications far exceeds the evidence of safety and effectiveness," Brown said....
A child's brain and central nervous system are still developing, so drugs work differently on kids than adults, Brown said. "There are no studies that have shown they (atypicals) are safe, or for that matter, that they are effective for children."
Drug companies have little incentive to invest in such studies, given that their products already are widely prescribed to children off label....
But Stafford was the lead author of a study that concluded that most off-label medication occurs without enough scientific support.
Some prescriptions have become so common, he said, "You have to ask, 'Where is the data to support this use of the drug?' It's not that these off-label uses are dangerous. It's that we just don't know."...
More and more, she said, they get referrals from the school system for disruptive kids. Parents tell her that the school has told them their children need to be put on psychiatric medication before they can come back - even though state law specifically forbids that.....
Last year, 1,111 Florida Medicaid children younger than 6 were prescribed antipsychotics.
There is no recommendation for the use of antidepressants in children younger than 6 - yet 629 children were prescribed antidepressants last year.
Using stimulant medications for ADHD should be "rare" for kids younger than 4, the guidelines state, "and only after a failed behavioral intervention such as parent training." Last year, 367 toddlers 3 and younger were prescribed ADHD medications.
Cavitt said 3-year-olds put on psychotropic medications typically are autistic, mentally retarded or brain injured. They are extremely self-injurious or physically aggressive to others, he said.
Robert Whitaker, a journalist and author of the book Mad in America, says there is no circumstance where it makes sense to prescribe an antipsychotic drug to a 3-year-old.
"It is not a scientific use of drugs," Whitaker said. "It is an experiment. There is no data showing that they are helpful in a 3-year-old kid. None. Zero. Zip."
Rather, he said, it is using medication as a controlling device. Whitaker blames a system of "assembly line medicine," where psychiatrists are afforded less and less time with patients. Atypicals provide a shortcut to dealing with unruly children....
Minnesota is the only state that requires public reports of all drug company marketing payments to doctors. A recent New York Times analysis of those records found that doctors who took the most money from makers of atypicals tended to prescribe the drugs to children the most...
Some 720,000 children were in the fee-for-service Medicaid program last year, out of some 4.5-million children in Florida. That means the statistics in this story vastly underestimate the entire picture of antipsychotic medications prescribed to children.
Highly trained education professionals and sleazy doctors and psychologists: just pushing the drugs to children that guys in trench coats hanging around school playgrounds won't push. 
   A liberal professor discovers, to his amazement, that encouraging tribalism may not be a good idea:
WASHINGTON -- One of the many distasteful and underestimated influences on American and European life to emerge from the turbulent, anti-establishment '60s was the concept of "multiculturalism" -- which still dooms us today.
It sounded so good...
But now the entire, miserable multicultural voyage has made a sudden port call, and it is a curious one. One of the theory's major protagonists is the respected liberal Harvard professor Robert Putnam, known for his 2000 book "Bowling Alone," in which he uncovers a sobering decline in civic engagement in America. He has now come up with some astonishing findings that are so shocking that he did not release them for several years.
The truth, Putnam found, is that the greater the amount of multiculturalism and diversity in a society, the lower the level of civic engagement and shared sense of community cohesiveness. The multiculturalists who have dominated our social thinking for nearly 50 years got it all wrong.

Moreover, the wise commentator John Leo, writing in the Web's City Journal, adds that, "Putnam's study reveals that immigration and diversity not only reduce social capital between ethnic groups, but also within the groups themselves. ... The problem isn't ethnic conflict or troubled racial relations, but withdrawal and isolation."...
It's an old, old story: utopian dreaming of perfect worlds and ignoring the harsh reality of this one vs. the politician or the journalist or the candy-maker who has to have an innate and polished street sense to survive...
Professor Putnam delayed publishing his findings because he found them so shocking he felt he had to wait until he could offer some answers to the problem. There already is an answer. It is called common sense, and its handmaiden is human nature.
   This might create some union jurisdiction disputes. If this reaches California, I would recommend juoining the correctional officers union - they have a better retirement...
A proposal that Nevada teachers be allowed to carry concealed weapons garnered a lot of notoriety but little traction among state lawmakers this year. Now comes this idea: Give bonus pay to teachers - from kindergarten to college - who would be trained and armed as reserve school police officers.
Faculty-turned-campus cops would supplement the thin ranks of campus police and be in position to respond quickly to campus emergencies, the two champions of the idea say....
The idea is a win-win, Ruggiero said: Teachers would have an opportunity for more training and pay, and schools would solve the perpetual shortage of campus cops.
"Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, why not use the resources you have in place?" said Ruggiero, who is himself a reserve officer for UNLV's campus police. "I'm sure there are teachers out there that have thought about becoming officers. We shouldn't restrict them . We should train them."
Education officials say so far there are more questions than answers about the proposal.
If a child becomes violent during class, would the teacher-officer be allowed to use more aggressive means of restraint than a regular teacher? In a campus emergency, would the teacher-officer leave his classroom unattended to respond?
1. Feel free to circulate The Continuing Collapse.
2. If you aren't hearing about at least some these government school problems from your pastor, why is he your pastor?

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