The Continuing Collapse of Public Ed. #1

Bruce Shortt      See #2, #3, #4

[COMMENT:  There are signs that it is actually beginning to happen -- the collapse of the Government-Controlled-Education.  An email from a friend.  See also Prophecy Fulfilled.     E. Fox]

Remember, folks, I'm not making this stuff up...
Having just lost 11,500 students, Detroit teachers demonstrate a remarkable grasp of how to endear themselves to parents:
From the "It seemed like a good idea at the time" department:
In Texas education, we only focus on the important stuff:,
which is why we need to give yet more money to the Ed monopoly (while pretending that a tax shift and a tax hike is tax relief):
Accountability testing - the continuing fraud ("You want numba's? We'll give ya numba's..."): Here is a not-to-be-missed New Jersey tale of "conduct unbecoming an employee" featuring characters named Pagan, Veggian, and Knox - no kidding:
Progressive schools deploy candy and combat gear (don't miss the picture) as a new strategy for improving test scores: You would think that just teaching phonics and multiplication tables would be more effective, but, then again, I am not a highly trained education professional (and will never be if I have to wear the special headgear). In Florida, however, coupling teacher pay to test results will doubtlessly work wonders for test scores (Ahem...if you know what I mean). Don't miss the picture of how highly trained Florida education professionals prepare children for tests:
School bus workers disregarding safety of children - smile you're on candid camera:
Worried about the trade deficit? Not to worry. We've found something to export - Outcomes Based Education comes to Australia:,5744,18558498%255E13881,00.html
Well, now it's back to the secret Bat Cave to await Margaret Spellings' summons to come to Washington to help her straighten things out for an outrageous consulting fee....

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