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The Spiritual War in the
>> Public Arena <<

The public arena is the arena of culture war, and much of our spiritual warfare.   But Christians have been run from the public arena.  One hardly dares to say out loud that Jesus is Lord for fear of hurting someone's feelings, or being called bad names.  

And Christians, almost universally, do not know what to do about that.  We have lost the capacity for spiritual warfare.  God has not lost that capacity, and He wants to teach us how.   God holds the spiritual, moral, and intellectual high ground -- of which Christians have long lost sight.  Our spiritual war encompasses all the realms of the public arena -- which typically scares Christians half to death. 

The Son of God is not intellectually challenged.  Should He return to earth again to debate Freud, Darwin, Marx, et al (who manufactured the ground upon which modernism was built), or to debate any of their successors (the post-modernists, most of whom do not know what the word 'debate' means - literally), He would not be quaking in His boots. 

The libraries below have to do, not so much with academic debate (as in the more abstract subjects such as epistemology and metaphysics) as with the more practical matters of daily living and managing our common life -- the public arena.   But there is some hard thinking to do here as well.  And these areas of the public arena have collapsed for Christians largely because we lost our intellectual credibility in the other more abstract areas -- notably in the creation-evolution debate.   We did not know how to answer the opposition.  

Below are attempts to bring the light of Godly reason (is there any other sort?) to bear on the public arena, and to show that Christians have an obligation (forget about our rights) to be there and to witness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things.  That is part of the Great Commission.  




Culture War





                       US History 

                                                      Health/Life       (see also Family & Marriage)





                          State Politics


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