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Intelligent Design (ID)
vs. Random-Chance Evolution Library

Random-chance evolution is the only alternative to the Biblical doctrine of creation, which is why secular folks are fighting tooth and toenail to preserve it.  They are losing the battle because, as has become apparent, the evidence does not support the theory.  It does not have empirical support, and it is logically flawed.   It is taught by law as scientific fact in government run schools, but it is supported by the very non-scientific "religion" of secularism.  Evolution is the secular "creation" story, and has all the same kinds of metaphysical presuppositions as the Biblical account -- but those presuppositions are ignored or denied by those who support evolution as an explanation of the cosmos and especially of life.

The difference is that the Biblical presuppositions can be reasonably justified, the secular presuppositions cannot.   See Personality, Empiricism, & God and Apologetics Library.  There will be many more materials supporting these assertions as time goes on.

For a background to these issues, see the Worldview Library.  All secular/pagan philosophy, worldview, and religion uses some form of evolution for its basic cosmic pattern.

Note that "evolution" per se is not the problem, which means simply "change over time".  We all evolve, e.g., from 1 year old to 2 years old.  The problem is rather the secularization of the cosmos, which leaves God out.  Everything "evolves" (or "devolves" -- as with entropy), i.e., changes over time.  The problem is not evolving as such, but whether the evolution is by random chance or by "intelligent design", meaning by an intelligent Creator.  Those are the two ultimate choices we have for worldviews. 

See the Definition of Science Page, for more on this issue.  See also Personality, Empiricism, & God on the philosophical implications of Intelligent Design.  

Apologetics Websites  --  Science Websites.

** Personality, Empiricism, & God -- on the metaphysical (Biblical) foundations of empirical science. 

** Definition of 'Science'  --  the underlying issue of the Intelligent Design debate -- & without which there can be no resolution. 

** What is Philosophy?    E. Fox

** A Brief History of Religion vs. Science --  on the Science Page  E. Fox 

** Relationship with God -- & Jewish Psychotherapy  --  Peter Toon with commentary by E. Fox  on worldview. 

Signature in the Cell - book by Stephen Meyer on in internal workings of the cell.  See also, Don Hank's article at The Inter-American Institute on this issue -- a simple and clear explanation of the principles at work.   

The BioCentric Universe Theory --  Refers to Geo. Berkeley, and issues of Personality, Empiricism, & God

Biocentrism: How Life Creates the Universe --  Robert Lanza and Bob Berman -- attempting to find the secret of the cosmos in biology rather than God.  Can they do it?  Compare with PEG. which tries to answer many of the same questions.     E. Fox.

A Call to Faith in an Age of Secularization - Allen Dobras -- a good test for your views on evolution/creation.

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        Thanks for your continued support of Illustra Media.  And, watch for announcements about our upcoming documentaries.

Common Sense Science - See Science Library

** It from Bit, or Bit from It?   Essay contest sponsored by FQXi (at www.FQXi.org ).   Here is Earle Fox's  contribution (see original at http://fqxi.org/community/forum/topic/1857 )    

Young or Old Earth???

Evidences for a Recent Dating of Adam...  Some possibly surprising reports related to Biblical dating.  Read with caution, but read with an open mind. 

ID & Evolution

** Evolution vs. God -- E. Fox response to the San Diego Union-Tribune article on Evolution vs. Intelligent Design. 

** Intelligent Design & Christian Intellectual Credibility -- Earle Fox's comments, reflecting on an ID conference recently held (late April, 2004) at Biola University in La Mirada, CA. 

** Misguided defense of ID (Intelligent Design)  --  "Religion" is NOT the problem...  Bruce Chapman & E. Fox 

** Evolution & Episcopal Church -- Bishops defending evolution - & Earle Fox's response. 

** Intelligent Design Conference - Biola University --  Summary & commentary by E. Fox 

** Faith & Reason United -- AUDIO - given by Earle Fox at Biola University, La Mirada, CA, at the 2003 Intelligent Design Conference.   Available on CD from Biola. 

** Faith vs. Reason - REPORT on Earle Fox's talk at Biola University (La Mirada, CA) conference on "Intelligent Design of the Cosmos" 

** It from Bit, or Bit from It?   Essay contest sponsored by FQXi (at www.FQXi.org ).   Here is Earle Fox's  contribution (see original at http://fqxi.org/community/forum/topic/1857 )    

Link to Phillip Johnson's website -- author of Darwin on Trial and many other books critiquing the "evolution" movement (really, the evolution religion). 

Roman Catholic Cardinal rejects "Intelligent Design"  --   (He badly misinterprets it...) 

"Darwin's Meltdown" -- a look back from the future -- 2024 AD.

Dealing with the Backlash against Intelligent Design ---  link to paper by William Dembski 

More on Evolution-boggling complexity -- the self-regulating cell

From Darwin to Hitler  -- link to Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, & Racism in Germany ---  link to paper by Richard Weikart

Reasons to Believe - Hugh Ross, astronomer and pastor - Excellent

Anthony Flew, world-class philosophical atheist, becomes deist -- an interview with Gary Habermas. 

Science, Scopes, & Evolution....    What is "science"?  and is evolution fact or theory?  

Survival of the Fakest --  link to the Discovery Institute, a pdf article on Darwinism's fakery. 

Intelligent Design: why it will change Everything...    by Lynn Barton  

European Scholars Reject Macro-Evolution --   Macro-evolution dismissed at European Parliament seminar.  The debate continues....  

Denmark:  ID vs. Evolution -- scholars stand up for intellectual freedom. 

Ben Stein's Intelligent Adventure -- by Kate Wright in American Thinker.   I have not seen this movie on Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design, but the review is tantalizing.  E. Fox 

Why Darwinian Evolution Cannot Create Biological Information --  

"7 Days that Divide the World..."    Prof. John Lennox on his new book of that title -- superb analysis of Genesis and the creation story.   About 20 minutes....

Design thinking hardwired into brain???   Random chance evolution is having a harder and harder time of it. 

The Ten Top Problems with Darwinian Evolution...   A good read... 

Tar Pit Study Shows Complete Absence of Evolutionary Change.   More fodder for thought...

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