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"Metaphysics" tries to answer the question: What is necessarily "behind" our world of phenomena, the world of the physical sciences, in order for that phenomenal world to make rational sense?  That is my version of it....

It began as the study of "being" as being, a totally abstract enterprise, ending up in the fuzzy realm of I-know-not-what, the realm of the impenetrable, the unknowable, the ineffable.  But that was in the pagan way of thinking, especially the Hellenic philosophers who were strapped with the pagan worldview.  So I approached it from a different direction, namely:

By the very act of living rationally in the world of sense-data, do we have to presuppose some things that are not themselves physical or sensory, and therefore not able to be studied by the methods of the natural sciences?

The clear answer, contrary to almost all of contemporary secularized science, is that, yes, indeed, we have a host of such presuppositions.  One of those is the nature of being, of causality, and of possibility -- how are they intertwined?  The results are somewhat surprising -- to put it mildly. 

This library will contain articles and other resources dealing with that question, along with epistemology, the question which Christians failed to address for the last two centuries, leading to the collapse of Western Christendom, and its marginalization to the sidelines, watching while others took over leadership of our culture, our education, our politics, and our entertainment.  For starters. 

Things do not need to stay that way, and the Christian community is poised, I believe, on the cusp of a powerful intellectual and spiritual renewal.  Spiritual renewal is already happening in the "third world".  Western Christians are lagging far, far behind because we have lost our intellectual credibility.  But that is changing. 

Metaphysics is closely related to the "worldview" issue.  Along with epistemology, metaphysics supplies the foundation upon which any worldview can be built.  (See the Worldview Library.) 

See Personality, Empiricism, and God, finished at Oxford in 1964, waiting, lo these many years, to get published.  Hopefully sometime early in 2012.  (See schedule of events planned.)


For Evolution/Creation issues, see Science Library

** What is "Science"???  a short essay by E. Fox 

** A Brief History of Religion vs. Science --  on the Science Page  E. Fox 

** What is Philosophy?    E. Fox

**Total Truth -- by Nancy Pearcey - a review by Earle Fox   -

** Evolution vs. God -- E. Fox response to the San Diego Union-Tribune article on Evolution vs. Intelligent Design.    See Intelligent Design library for other articles.  This is a winnable battle.  

Common Sense Science - a striking New Way of Looking at the Universe -- from Common Sense.   This view Reverses much of Einstein's Relativity Theory and much of Quantum Physics - back to Common Sense..  Prediction: this new understanding of science will change our future dramatically, and be found quite compatible with the Biblical view of Reality.  E. Fox

Fearful Lie -- Inter-American Institute -  "The protest of the Russian government against the moral equation of Nazism with Communism boils down to one of the most fearful historical falsifications of all times."   Communists do not want to be compared to Nazis.  But they have been far worse in their origins and in their accomplishments' long before Nazism was even thought of.   And they have not changed a bit.  

The BioCentric Universe Theory --  Refers to Geo. Berkeley, and issues of Personality, Empiricism, & God

Biocentrism: How Life Creates the Universe --  Robert Lanza and Bob Berman -- attempting to find the secret of the cosmos in biology rather than God.  Can they do it?  Compare with PEG. which tries to answer many of the same questions. 

Hardwired to Connect - the New Scientific Case for Authoritative communities...  A MUST READ.
Now available from Emmaus Ministries.  Get your copy for $7 postpaid. 

Anthony Flew, world-class philosophical atheist, becomes deist -- an interview with Gary Habermas. 

George Gilder, Metaphsic --  John Derbyshire -- on evolution.   A good article.  At least someone out there is thinking of metaphysics.  

World in Process --  Book review on Process Theology -- commentary by E. Fox 

The Dawkins Confusion --  In Christianity Today, Alvin Plantinga takes on Richard Dawkins -- two well-known and very capable philosopher/scientists types who disagree completely on the "God" question.    
       This is an super assessment of Dawkins' passion against God, and of some issues involved in the Intelligent Design vs. Evolution debate. 
        I am in the midst of revising my doctoral thesis at Oxford granted 43 years ago, on the relation between science & theology, in which I show (I think) that science, as a logical fact, could not have arisen in any but a Biblical culture.  Personality, Empiricism, & God is relevant to all the contention between Evolution and Intelligent Design, and will, I think, help clarify many of the metaphysical issues.       E. Fox


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