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Master-Plan (3)
for a School of Christian Apologetics
Update - Posted July 20, 2010

[See also Master-Plan 1, Master-Plan 2, "the Narrow Way",
Intro to Apologetics, & Apologetics Library.]
See RoadMap for various Libraries

This was written first as an email newsletter. Earle Fox

Dear Fellow Christians & Other Friends,

        Suppose that you were in a discussion about the Christian faith, and that you were challenged about the authority of the Bible in a "scientific" age.  What would you answer?  Is there a meaningful, substantial, and effective response to that question?  How does one defend the intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity of the Bible

        The first and most basic question is whether the Bible gives us the truth about God and about our relationship with Him?  How do Christians know that it does?  The primary attack on the Bible has come from people who believe that the Biblical worldview is passe, that it has been superseded by secularism, and by secular science in particular.  Science, we are told, has disproven the Bible.  It is no longer a credible book to tell us anything important because the world in which we live is not the creation of a personal God.  God is a leftover from the old days of paganism when everyone believed in personal gods and goddesses. 

        The problem with that view is that it ain't so.  There is no sustainable evidence to show that the Biblical worldview is false.  Zero.  Even if the secularists could justify their contrary view of random evolution (which they cannot), that would not disprove the Bibical account, it would only show that there is a relevant competing view.  The only way to disprove the Biblical view is not by showing that there is a competitor, but by showing that the Biblical view is self-contradictory or that there is specific empirical evidence against it.  That would win their case.  That challenge, of course, works in both directions. 

        So, just suppose that one can show quite the opposite of the secular contention, that the Biblical worldview is in fact the only logically consistent worldview there is... because all other known worldviews fall into contradiction.  And suppose that we could show that the Biblical worldview is far more compatible with the empirical world than either the secular or pagan versions?  That is, I believe, the case that can be made. 

        The problem with defending the Bible has often been a circular reasoning by Christians, that the Bible says that it is the word of God.  That is circular because it uses the Bible to justify itself.  I am not telling the truth just because I say I am.  I have to show credible, objective evidence for my claims.  Just so, Christians must supply credible evidence for their claims about the Bible -- (and must learn how to force secularists and pagans to that same standard). 

        The Road to Emmaus is dedicated to the task of supplying the kind of information and detailed argument showing that indeed we do live in the kind of world in which a book of revelation like the Bible could make perfect sense, that is, in a world created by a personal deity who interacts with us in a reasonable and knowable manner.  That is the consistent claim of the Bible.  Can it be sustained? 

        Unless there is a renewed intellectual credibility among Christians, any spiritual renewal will not have lasting effect, and will be based mostly on emotion.  We MUST reunite the intellectual, moral, and spiritual sides of our humanity

        To get to the point, the Road to Emmaus proposes the following:

        I. At the bottom, foundation level, we have some difficult but necessary subjects...

                    metaphysics (Is there anything behind the physical, phenomenal world which explains why the world is what it is?),
cosmology or worldview (What is the nature of the cosmos?), and
epistemology (How do we know what we know?)

                Dealing with those issues, the Road to Emmaus has posted (still under construction, not yet in print, but the text
                    is available online) Personality, Empiricism, and God -- the Cosmological Argument for God  (PEG)
                            See --  http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/EM/ShpMl/PEG/00PEG.htm
                                    Much more to come....

       II. At the second level, we have

                    the Bible itself, which describes a world totally compatible with the above cosmological argument for God. 
                                        In support of that claim,

                                The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age  (ABSA) -- see the website version at

                                    showing the unity between reason and revelation --
each one requires the other to operate. 

                                            This will be available in paperback hopefully by mid 2012. 

                    Theology - Yahweh or the Great Mother? - a study of the Biblical worldview vs. the pagan/secular worldview

                                see also

                There are also available on the Road to Emmaus, many audio tapes, booklets, and articles dealing with specifically
                          Biblical issues such as the doctrine of creation, the definition of 'god', the Fall, and salvation. 
                               (Audio and video tapes are in the process of being turned into digital products
                                     to be sold at

        III.  At the third level, we have applications of the Biblical worldview to various aspects of human life --
                            Here is a small sample.  (Explore
http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdMp.htm for more ideas):

                Politics -- The Theology of Civil Government - Why Government Requires God (TCG)    

                                 Reason, Revelation, & Politics (RR&P)

                Psychology-Healing -- Biblical Inner Healing  (BIH)
                                                   Freud & Religion (F&R)  

                Marriage, Sex & GenderHomosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? (HG&R)
                                                   Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women (PSOW)

                                                   Yahweh or the Great Mother?   (YorGM)

                Abortion -- Abortion, the Bible, & America (ABA)  (see below)


                Education -- Dialogue in Darkness (DinD)



        The Road to Emmaus is a School of Christian ApologeticsStart where you find something interesting.  When you run into challenges, questions you cannot answer or explain, you may have to go to a deeper level, the deepest of which is at the top above, Metaphysics, Cosmology, & Epistemology, or to the second level where the Bible is interpreted in a manner consistent with Godly reason.  It just may change your life.... 

        Taken as a course in Christian apologetics, these materials and others on the Road to Emmaus will provide you with solid, consistent, and comprehensive ammunition for taking on the secular/pagan opposition in most of the "hot-button" issues of our time.  That is my aim, and I think it works.  The secular/pagan world is already collapsing, and showing its lack of intellectual credibility.  There are souls to be saved -- which is badly hindered by the poor intellectual reputation the Church has.  Many think we are not telling the truth.   We can change that.

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Date Posted - 07/20/2010   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012