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Journey Perilous?

...So why is our journey perilous???

We begin our journey in the safety (given a healthy and secure mother) of the womb, and then at birth are catapulted out into a world of booby-traps, pit-falls, and seductions.  Our goal is to become a "somebody" rather than a "nobody".   Accomplishing that is the task of life. 

The Biblical answer is that we must be born again.  We are all born little pagans, worshipping our moms -- who are not God.  But we do not know the difference between mom and God, and then later, between pop and God.   But God does, and He has taken the trouble both to tell us and to lead us to Himself.  That is our spiritual journey. 

So, to make a long story short, we move from the safety of the womb, out over the abyss of potential nothingness, but if all goes well, to the safe ground of the Kingdom.   As the old hymn has it....  "All other ground is sinking sand..." 

By being born again (or born "anothen", the Greek word for "from above" or "again"), we move from having our parents as God, to the place where God is both our Mother and our Father, our Parent -- the One whom we trust and obey.   All good things come from God. 

Getting from womb to the fullness of the stature of Christ (the Somebody) is our Journey Perilous become Journey Glorious.   The only place that can be done is in the family of God.  

(Read the Great Commission.  Also, go to the Worldview Library for more information on the spiritual warfare between competing worldviews.)123


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