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St. Luke's REC
The Reformed Episcopal Church (REC)
is now joined with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA)

NOTE: St. Luke's Church has closed its doors (as of April 29, 2012) due to financial difficulties.
but see
below for access to valuable Anglican resources....

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Sermons by Fr. Fox      

Worship at St. Luke’s is conducted in the classical Anglican tradition of both a strong sacramental life and strong Biblical preaching.  St. Luke’s believes that personal salvation is the foundation for family life and for Christian participation in public policy and government, that God rules all things, and that Christians must (and will) recover family integrity and their witness in the public arena.   

The Reformed Episcopal Church has joined the new Anglican Province, the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) to support the renewal of worldwide Anglican orthodoxy.  St. Luke’s Church began in 1987, with its home since 2005 in the stately Norman style Waverley Chapel up until May of 2011, when we moved across the street to the Pavilion Chapel (pictured above).  

The Reformed Episcopal Church had broken away from the Episcopal Church about 150 years ago, but has strengthened its place in the Anglican Communion by becoming part of the newly emerged Anglican Church in North America

The ACNA has been formed to provide an orthodox Anglican presence in North America because both the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in Canada had abandoned the Christian faith -- such as -- by promoting the homosexual lifestyle, and in some form of teaching that all religions are equally valid.  The whole of the Bible is being radically and systematically "reinterpreted" to conform to secularism and paganism.  They have neither intellectual, moral, or spiritual integrity on their side. 

I grew up in and was ordained in the Episcopal Church, and watched it drift further and further into a spiritual morass from which it seems incapable and undesirous of extricating itself.  My Episcopal Diocese, San Joaquin in California, left the Episcopal Church in 2008, and is also now in the ACNA.  The ACNA is uniting many of those who are not willing to compromise their intellectual, moral, or spiritual integrity along with the Episcopal Church in America and many other segments of the Anglican Communion, mostly in the Western cultures.  

I had been working "temporarily" at St. Luke's for about two years while they sought a new priest, and ended up being the new priest, as of May 1, 2010.  So, I have been reassigned from the Diocese of San Joaquin to the the REC, both of which are part of ACNA.  Getting to be one happy family. 

Tragically, it has taken this kind of erosion of the Church of God to begin to bring splinter groups back together.  Pray that we will discover how to maintain our unity as we progress.  That cannot happen if we do not recover our intellectual integrity, which will then lead to moral and spiritual integrity.  We must first be truth-seekers so that we can be truthful position-defenders.   


DirectionsSt. Luke's (no longer existing) was a small congregation worshipping in the Pavilion Chapel at 1702 Fairhaven Avenue in Santa Ana, CA, just off highway 22. 

ReSources --

REC Lectionary & Hymns - list of Psalms, Old Testament Lessons, & Hymns for the Church Year.  Still "under construction".  The list will be completed as the year progresses. 

themes for deepening and sharing our faith. 

Living-in-the-Light - PDF document (needs Adobe Reader) - 2 page legal-size. 

Learning to live openly and freely with one another -- as per chapter 1 of St. John's first epistle. 

        Living-in-the-Light groups normally meet weekly for sharing their lives with each other, opening themselves up to the help and resources of brothers and sisters in Christ.  There is nothing more able to unite healing and wholeness with holiness than an intellectually, morally, and spiritually mature Christian community opening their lives appropriately to one another. 

Persons who want to follow Jesus, who are looking for a spiritual home based on the Bible, on a central historical tradition, on the gifts of the Spirit, and on the wedding of reason to revelation; and, who stand for the Godly renewal of personal faith and of family life -- might find a Living-in-the-Light group a powerful inspiration for their walk in Christ.  Living-in-the-Light teaches us how to be family -- rather than live-in strangers, married singles, etc.  

Yahweh or the Great Mother? - PDF document (needs Adobe Reader) - 2 page legal-size. 

          A description of a longer (four-hour) teaching on the two basic worldviews: the Biblical world with creator and intelligently designed cosmos, versus the secular and pagan worlds which evolve randomly and chaotically  out of a primitive cosmic substance, often in mythology referred to as the "Great Mother" because "she" is the womb of all else that exists. 


Hymns online:  at http://www.oremus.org/  
                      1940 Episcopal Hymnal (tunes, words when in public domain)
                      1982 Episcopal Hymnal (tunes, words when in public domain) 

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Hymn Tune Archive

Here are some sites (all devoted to orthodox Prayer Book  Anglicanism):

 Project Canterbury-Online home of Anglican texts, with emphasis on classical Anglican documents expressing the Catholic identity of Anglicanism. www.anglicanhistory.org

 St. John's Episcopal Church, Savannah GA-One of America's preeminent orthodox Anglican churches, devoted to the theology and worship of Prayer Book Anglicanism.  Fr. Gavin Dunbar, president of the American Prayer Book Society, is St. John's rector. www.stjohnssav.org 

 St. Peter's Publications-The publishing arm of the Prayer Book Society of Canada.  www.stpeter.org

 Lectionary Central-Dedicated to the study and use of the traditional Western eucharistic lectionary. www.lectionarycentral.org

 Anglican Rose-One of the web's finest resources for the study of our Anglican patrimony, Anglican Rose is a quest for magisterial Protestantism within the context of antique orthodoxy and medieval Catholicism. www.anglicanrose.wordpress.com

 River Thames Beach Party-The meeting place of the Anglican Preservation Society. www.rtbp.wordpress.com


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