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Online Seminars
on the Road to Emmaus

See Sign Up Page on the Emmaus Shopping Mall
to choose a coming Seminar & purchase an electronic Ticket (a password)

You will need an eticket to get into the video streaming presentation at www.ustream.tv

NOTE:  these pages for the Online Seminar are still under construction. 
Hopefully ready before the end of August.....  But eTickets can be purchased
at the Emmaus Shopping Mall for
the current seminar.

Tutorial for Logging On to Online Lectures

Be sure to have your account with Ustream set up if you wish to communicate on the Chat Room system for dialogue with the presenter and others who post comments.  If you do not have an account with Ustream, you can still view and listen to the whole presentation.     
To view the seminar live (with or without ability to use Chat Room), go to
A box will show asking for the password to the show.  Type that in (all lower case), and that should plug you into the broadcast with the screen on the left..   (If the screen remains blank, and there is an “Off  Air” message just below the screen after you put in the password, that means that the broadcast has not yet started.  It will normally begin “warming up” about 15 minutes before broadcast time.  You will see me at my computer...)   
You should have received the password in an email if you purchased an eticket to the show.   If you have not received a password, call me at 562-697-5049 at least an hour before the show (or call a friend who has the password).  During the show, my phone will be on the answering machine.  
To the right of the viewing screen is the square chat room screen.   If you try to send a message (type in at the line at the bottom of the Chat Room screen just below the word ‘audience’) you will be asked for your login information for your account.  If you have no account, you can still view and hear the presentation, but not communicate with others.  
One of the prices we pay for free use of the Ustream system is the occasional intrusion of a advert.  It will show on your screen for the first 15 seconds or so when you start up, so be patient.  Again, log in a bit early.    That seems to be the only intrusion into the viewing screen.   You may be insulted with some inappropriate ads on the sides or top.  They should not interfere with viewing so long as you do not click on (or hover the mouse over) them.   So just ignore them and keep your mouse pointer away.  
Be sure to log in (on another browser tab) ahead of  time to Yahweh or the Great Mother? (our main outline-page), to read directions on how to set up your browser windows so that you will be most easily able to navigate as we go through the presentation.  Set up other tabs with the key pages at The Road to Emmaus website.


Go to  http://www.emmausmall.org/seminars.html  for further information.



The Road to Emmaus will be sponsoring Online Seminars on a wide range of topics in Christian Apologetics.


Presentations by Dr. Earle Fox will include
    (1) Video Streaming from
www.ustream.tv with live picture of the lecturer;
    (2) with audio coming through your computer speakers;
    (3) Resource Page on the Road to Emmaus with an outline of the material presented;
    (4) with graphics for illustrating a point;
    (5) and links to supporting materials.   

The event may be a single-time lecture, or a series of 2, 3, or more lectures.   The lectures will be saved and available for later viewing and study. 


See List of Seminars to choose a coming Seminar

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Date Posted - 06/-/2010   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012