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The Inter-American Institute
for Philosophy, Government, & Social Thought

[NOTE: this website above has been (Aug. 21, 2012) under persistent hacker attack because of its views.  They are working on getting it up and protected, so be patient if you get a big red screen which says that it is a bad site.  Click on the little tab at the lower right to see if you can by pass the red screen and can log in.  Please pray for the protection of the many of us who are associated with IAI, and our own websites.  E. Fox] 

The Road to Emmaus is joining forces with the Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government, & Social Thought to create a pan-American force for the restoration of Godly government and a return to the freedoms of limited government under the rule of law, not under the rule of men.  That can happen only when the law of God is understood to be that to which all other law is submitted.  God owns the whole universe, including the political part of it. 

Professor de Carvalho has come to America from Brazil, which he describes as dominated by the communists, because of threatening forces at work in his homeland.  He has settled in Virginia with his assistant, Alessandro Cota, to form the Inter-American Institute.  He regularly conducts classes for over a thousand students in Brazil over the internet, using video-streaming broadcasting to reach into the homes and offices of his Brazilian supporters.  

Dr. Fox has been invited to be the vice president of the Institute, and is looking forward to a long and productive relationship with Prof. de Carvalho.  (Go to http://www.theinteramerican.org/about-us/board-of-directors.html to see the board of directors.) 

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