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Interviews - Debates -

Gregg Jackson Show,  on the tragic state of the conservative movement, and how to repair the damage...  November 2, 2008 -  Gregg Jackson with Earle Fox  (About one hour)   

DEBATE ON HOMOSEXUALITY:  WAYNE BESEN vs. EARLE FOX --  (Link to Gregg Jackson Site -- Scroll down to the "TRUTH & HOPE WITH GREGG JACKSON" section and then at  01/25/09 )   On Talk-Radio, the Gregg Jackson Show on KDAR (about 20 miles north of Los Angeles, CA.).    Note:  Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to hear Wayne, and so had to "hear" him through Gregg Jackson, the moderator.  It hampered the exchange, but ended magnificently.  
        The debate ended very well with Besen unable to deal with the behavior issue.  He had deftly avoided it all through the debate, but at the end, I was able to get it squarely on the table, and he responded with a very foolish denial of the facts.   We need to learn how to force this kind of discussion whenever people defend the homosexual lifestyle. They will almost always try to ignore you, or call you names, but we must force the real issue onto the table, into the light of day.  Living in the light....   

        HERE IS THE last five minutes or so of the above...
a printed presentation of this tactic

Jan Mickelson interviews Herb Titus, Constitutional lawyer, on the Iowa "gay marriage" travesty.  April 14?, 2009.  It is neither gay nor marriage.   This is the best short course on law ever, says one commentator. 

Mickelson interview with John Haskins who used to run the (UndergroundJournal).

Audio & Printed Sermons - by Earle Fox -
Most recent sermons at the bottom of the year's list

2005-7  A. D.    (see below, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012l, 2013)

The Evolution of Justice -- a sermon by E. Fox at the Mustard Tree  9/25/05 

Catholic Faith, Common Ground, & a Winning Strategy --  my first sermon at the Episcopal Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, Ca., Sunday, July 16, 2006

Salvation, Dying Well, the Church, & the State ---  12/3/06 - sermon preached at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA

Dying a Successful Death -- Palm Sunday sermon, 2007   Church of the Blessed Sacrament

5 Decisions -- & the Best of All Possible Worlds --  a sermon preached Sunday, January 27, 2008, at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA.

2008  A. D. (Most recent dates at bottom of Yearly Section)

What Would St. Peter Say of America Today?   <-Audio Version  St. Peter's Day, June 19, 2008  St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Sta. Ana, CA  E. Fox

Biblical Principles of Civil Government -- Sermon preached by Earle Fox Sunday, July 27, 08 at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA.  Either we get these principles under our Christian belts, or we Christians can plan on remaining in the backwaters of a dying civilization.   E. Fox  

Make Your Body a Living Sacrifice --  Sermon by Earle Fox at St. Luke's REC Church, Santa Anna, CA   6/29/08

Because He's My King!   That's Why!   <-Audio Version  November 23, 2008, Christ the King Sunday  --  Sermon at the Episcopal/Anglican Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA,.   See Printed Version E. Fox 

Incarnation & Heaven!  --  Can You Imagine That??!!  --   Printed version. (Audio unavailable)   December 28, 2008    Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, First Sunday after Christmas,.          E. Fox  

2009  A. D.  (Most recent dates at bottom of Yearly Section)

Only a Saved People can Keep Civil Government on a Constitutional Tether -- <-Audio Version  Feb. 22, 2009     Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA,   E. Fox   For printed version.

THAT THE WORLD MAY BELIEVE THAT THE FATHER HAS SENT ME - <-Audio Version   What is this "unity" that is so important???  Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA  5/24/09.    Printed Version

What is this Power of Holy Spirit???  <-Audio Version  Sermon at St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Santa Ana, CA   Whitsunday (Pentecost) 5/31/09.     Printed Version.                     

How is God a Trinity?  --  <-Audio Version  Sermon on Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2009, St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA     Printed Version (with theological commentary on "modalism" by E. Fox).    

WHAT IS BIBLICAL GOVERNMENT?  <-Audio Version  -- Sermon by Earle Fox, the Sunday before the 4th of July, 2009 Printed Version.

Let Them Do Their Worst...!   <= Printed.  Sermon by Earle Fox, St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Santa Ana, CA  8/23/09 

God is NOT an Opaque Mystery -- Sermon at St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Sunday, August 30, 2009Printed Version.     Discover the connection between Biblical faith and logical consistency.....! 

You Must Be a Child in God to be an Adult in the World -- <-Audio Version  Sermon by Earle Fox at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, 9/6/09     Printed version 

Spiritual Warfare - the Fool, the Evil Man, & the Wise Man --   <-Audio Version - Sermon by Earle Fox at St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA, 9/20/09.    Printed version.

The Power of Being - What is Spiritual Power? -- <-Audio Version, St Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church - Santa Ana, CA   Sept. 27, 2009  Printed Version

Judgement by Light -  <-Audio Version on how, by turning on the Light, God forces us to judge ourselves.  We either build heaven with God and one another, or we build hell all by ourselves.     Printed Version.  

The Law of Love -- the Wedding of the "Good" to the "Right" --  <-Audio Version  Sermon at St. Luke's REC, 10/11/09  Resolving the alleged "contradiction" between law & grace -- Printed Version -- 

...Who brings good tidings of Good, who Publishes Salvation.  <-Audio Version -- Sermon at St. Luke's REC 10/18/09 -- celebrating St. Luke's Day & the ministry of Luke.   Printed Version --

Tell My Brothers I Died Well...   Audio Version (Coming) -- Sermon at St. Luke's REC 10/25/09 -- All Saints Day.   Printed Version -- Earle Fox 

Who I Am, What I Do, &... Original Goodness.   Sermon by E. Fox, St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA, 11/8/09    Printed Version

The Church, the State, &....  God.   <-Audio Version - sermon by F. Earle Fox, St. Luke's REC Church, Santa Ana, CA..  On the Biblical basis for civil government...   Printed Version

Christ the King -- <-Audio Version -- Sermon by E. Fox at St. Luke's Church, Santa Ana, CA, Sunday Next Before Advent, 2009.  How Abraham's conversation with the King of kings over Sodom shows God's plan of confession, repentance, and salvation.  Printed version. 

"...because you did not know the time of your visitation..."    <-Audio Version - sermon at St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA Advent I, 2009Printed Version.

"I Will Give You a Testimony" - God.   <-Audio Version - sermon at St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA - Advent II, 2009 -  How does God give us a testimony? And what happens when we lose it?   Printed Version.

The Two Comings of Christ - God & Man --  <- Audio Version - Sermon at St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA - Advent III, 2009.  The personal coming of God into the world is unique to Biblical religion.  The two Comings are the foundation of the unique Christian faith.  Printed Version.   

Incarnation - Christmas - Jesus Making God Imaginable --  <-Audio Version.   Sermon, St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA - Advent IV, 2009.  Can we really imagine God???    Printed Version

Jesus: the Sacrament of God...   <-Audio Version.   Christmas Eve -- 2009 AD sermon at St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA .   Printed Version.  E. Fox  

Which Grinch Stole Which Christmas? -- <-Audio Version - Sermon.  The unhappy Theology of Santa Claus.....   Christmas Day  Extended Printed Version.   

What it Means to be a Somebody - "& you shall call His name Yeshua"...   <-Audio Version.  Sermon Christmas I, 2009 AD  St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA.   Printed Version.  

2010 A.D.   (Most recent dates at bottom of Yearly Section)

Flocking to the Mountain of God -  <-Audio Version.   Sermon, St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA -  Christmas II, Jan. 3, 2010.  Why would the world flock to the Mountain of God???  Printed Version with theological commentary on Israel and America.... 

Jesus & Gentiles - <-Audio Version -- Epiphany - Jan. 6, 2010 - Sermon by E. Fox    (No printed version.)

Jesus: 12 Years Old in the Temple - Only Children in God can be Adults in the World - <-Audio Version. Epiphany I - Jan 10, 2010   A lesson from a 12-year old: To become an adult in the world, you must be a child in God.   Printed Version.

The Hour After The Day After -- Armageddon, not Gotterdammerung - <-Audio Version.  Epiphany II - Jan 17, 2010  Sermon at St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA     Printed Version.   See extended article, The Day After, the basis for the sermon. 

The Law & the Grace of God -  <-Audio Version (on its way...).   1/31/10  Sermon, St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA.  How law and grace are absolutely united --  wedded.  Printed Version. 

Saving Civilization <-Audio Version -  Only God can create civilization.    Printed Version.   E. Fox at St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA, 2/7/10.

What is Love - Biblical vs. Pagan?  <-Audio Version.  2/14/10   Pagan love vs. Biblical love.  Sermon by E. Fox.   Printed Version

Satan in the Bible - & How to Conquer Him <- Audio Version.   Lent I - 2/21/10    The Cosmic Spoiled Brat - We can become invulnerable to him in the same sense that Jesus was -- by God restoring our two primary stabilities.   Sermon at St. Luke's Church -- E. Fox.  Printed Version

The Virtue of Faith <- Audio Version --  Sermon at St. Luke's REC Church, Santa Ana, CA, Lent II, Feb. 28, 2010.   Why faith is not arbitrary, and is the foundation of science, not the enemy of it.  - Printed Version.    E. Fox 

How does God Draw People to Himself?  <- Audio Version - Sermon, St. Luke's REC Church, Santa Ana, CA, Lent III, Mar. 7, 2010 Printed Version.  

The Kingdom (Relationship Reality) is Among You!  <- Audio Version (coming).  Sermon at St. Luke's REC, Lent IV, 2009Printed Version.  

Only the Innocent can Die for the Guilty <- Audio Version.   Sermon, Lent V, St. Luke's Santa Ana, CA.  Printed Version.   

Riding into Santa Ana on a Donkey - Palm Sunday 2010 Sermon  <-Audio Version.  Printed Version.   E. Fox 

Foot Washing in an Airport <- Audio Version.  Maundy Thursday.  We are to wash the feet of one another -- any time, any place.   Printed Version.       

A Spear Wound in My Side <- Audio Version.   Good Friday - Jesus is creating the Body of Christ on Earth in preparation for His departure.    Printed Version

Two Shrouds  <-Audio Version.   Resurrection Morning -  One shroud destroys the other.        Printed Version.

You are My witnesses...   <-Audio Version  -  Easter 1 -   Who is a Witness for God?     Printed Version

The Good Shepherd <-Audio Version - Easter 2 -  Who is the Good Shepherd, and who is called to be good shepherds?  Printed Version. 

The Holy People - the Redeemed of the Lord...  <- Audio Version.   Easter 3.  What is holiness?  How does the Biblical version differ from the secular or pagan versions?  How can we put holiness to work here and now?   Sermon, E. Fox.  Printed Version

The Body of Christ in a Sacramental World...  <- Audio Version.  Easter 4.  An extraordinary idea with no parallel in all of secular or pagan history.  The most powerful community ever seen.   Sermon, E. Fox.  Printed Version

Choose Life  <- Audio Version.  Rogation Sunday, Easter 5.  Choosing life for the littlest -- and for ourselves... choosing to be truth-seekers, at any cost to ourselves.    Sermon, E. Fox.  Printed Version

Ascension -- and US   --   <-Audio Sermon -   What has the Ascension to do with US?  E. Fox. (No printed version.) 

Overcoming Sin...  <- Audio Version.  Ascension 1 - 5/16/10    We are not locked into a "sin life", the power of sin can be, and is being, overcome.  Yes, by the grace of God -- and a little bit of Godly common sense on our part.    Sermon, E. Fox.  Printed Version

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit <- Audio Version.   What is it? &, Is it for us Anglicans???   5/23/10 Day of Pentecost Sermon - E. Fox   Printed Version

The One, Holy, & Undivided Trinity -- in a Personal & Biblical Mode..  <= Audio Version.   Getting the doctrine of the Trinity down into the lives of the people...   Sermon Trinity Sunday, 5/30/2010, E. Fox    Printed Version

How do we Live this Life in the Trinity?  <= Audio Version.  The liturgical Trinity Season gets ignored because our understanding of the Trinity has been so abstract and thus hard to related to actual life.  Need not be that way....   Trinity 1 Sunday, Sermon E. Fox -- Printed Version

Including my Neighbor in my Circle  <= Audio Version.  What does it mean to "love my neighbor just like I love myself"?  Sermon - Trinity 2 Sunday - Printed Version.  E. Fox 

The Fatherhood of God  <= Audio Version --   Trinity III - 06/20/10    Fathers' Day sermon, on the fundamental importance of Godly gender relations, the cost of rejecting - & the power of accepting -  the Fatherhood of God.   E. Fox  Printed Version

"Come into my Parlor".... said the Spider to the Fly.  <= Audio Version.   Trinity IV - 06/27/10   The two basic stabilities of life, and our salvation.  Printed Version.   E. Fox 

The Theology of Civil Government <-Audio Version.  July 4, 2010 - Trinity V.  The Western Tradition of Biblical Government --  leading to the American Constitution -  4th of July Sermon.   Printed Version.  E. Fox   

Passing on our Faith & Heritage <- Audio Version sermon.  July 11, 2010  Why we Christians are losing 85% of our children to secularism and paganism -- and how to change that...   Printed Version.   E. Fox  

Abraham... Take Your Only Son....   <- Audio Version.  July 18, 2010.  What can we make of such a request from God to a father....?   Printed Version.  E. Fox. 

Have We a Testimony Like St. James? <- Audio Version.   And what might that cost us?  Sermon, July 25, 2010   Printed Version

The Church Militant vs. a Renegade Government <- Audio Version.  How can Godly people take back their government from illegal and treasonous betrayal by the power hungry?  August 1, 2010  Printed Version.  E. Fox.

Transfiguration by Light <- Audio Version.  The Transfiguration of Jesus is aimed at our transfiguration so that we might shine with a holy Light.  Printed Version.   August 8, 2010  Sermon, E. Fox. 

The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive  <- Audio Version - August 15, 2010   What does "fully alive" mean, and how does that affect our relationship with God?   Printed Version - E. Fox Sermon. 

God or Chaos?  Which is Bigger?  <-Audio Version.   How does chaos dominate our lives?  Is the God you worship bigger than the chaos you face?  Printed Version.  E Fox sermon - August 22, 2010 

Blessed Assurance....  <-Audio Version.  How can we find assurance that we are saved?  How can we know that the Gospel is true?  For ME?    Sermon, E. Fox  Printed Version  August 29, 2010

Loving that which Thou doest Command....  <- Audio Version.  Why do we resent the commands of God when they are only for our good?   Sermon, E. Fox  Printed Version.   September 5, 2010 

What I Learned about Islam Yesterday...   <-Audio Version.  A comparison between Islam and Biblical Religion.  Sermon, E. Fox   Printed Version.   September 11, 2010 

** Why is it So Hard to See God? <- Audio Version  God tells us to "seek His face", why is it so difficult and what can we do about it?  Sermon, E. Fox - Printed Version - September 19, 2010 

Why the Commandments are for our Good - <- Audio Version.  The commandments are part of the grace of God, not contrary to grace.  They become contrary only when we do not have a personal relationship with the Law Giver.  Printed Version.  Trinity 17 - September 26, 2010    E. Fox  

Christians are to be -- Truth-Seekers -- Not Position-Defenders - <- Audio Version.  Truth-seeking is the Royal Road to God.  Position-defending petrifies and stultifies.   Printed Version.  Earle Fox     October 3, 2010  

Without Thee, We are Unable to Please Thee <- Audio Version.  Why, without God's help, can we not please Him?  The nature of the Fall and of Salvation.  Printed Version - E. Fox    October 10, 2010  

Our Sacramental Nature -  <-Audio Version - Our bodies are outward & visible signs of our inward & spiritual souls -- a watershed which distinguishes Biblical religion from all others.  Printed Version - October 17, 2010 

Spiritual Warfare - Knowing Your Enemy <-Audio Version - Getting to know your enemy and taking the offensive...   Sermon, E. Fox  Printed VersionOctober 24, 2010

An Election Day Sermon - Jesus is Lord & Savior <= Audio Version. --   Can Jews & Christians uphold a Biblical form of government with truth and grace?     Printed Version.  E. Fox    October 31, 2010

Sainthood - Biblical or Pagan?  <-Audio    Biblical Sainthood is Quite Different from that of Paganism....     All Saints Day Sermon, E. Fox   Printed Version     November 7, 2010 

Jesus & the Best of All Possible Worlds  <-Audio.   God would not create anything less than the best.  How can that be possible?   Sermon E. Fox    Printed VersionNovember 14, 2010 

Because He's My King!  that's why!  <- Audio.  Why do so many people do such extraordinary things for Jesus???  When will the Western Church find its true loyalty again?   Sermon, E. Fox  Printed Version    November 21, 2010 

The "Comings" of God <-Audio.  God comes into the lives of men -- bridging the illusory chasm between the spiritual and the material.  Printed Version. Sermon, E. Fox, Advent I, November 28, 2010 

...Who had Caused All Holy Scriptures to be Written for our Learning...  <- Audio.   Printed Version.  What's so important about Holy Scripture???  Sermon E. Fox, Advent II, December 5, 2010  

God - a Loving Person, not an Abstraction <-Audio.    Printed Versiona meditation on the two Comings of Christ -- - Advent III, December 5, 2010    

Summary of Salvation <-Audio. - Advent 4 - Lessons & Carols   A short Salvation History.  (No Printed Version)  E. Fox Sermon.   Dec. 19, 2010

Worldview & the Coming of Jesus <- Audio.  Christmas Eve Sermon - (No Printed version).   E. Fox   Dec. 24, 2010

Personal Testimony of Holy Spirit.  <- Audio.  (No Printed version).  E. Fox Christmas Day Sermon - Dec. 25, 2010

Christmas & St. Stephen - Christian vs. Pagan Joy <-Audio   (No Printed Version)  Christmas I Sermon on Christmas & martyrdom -  - E. Fox - Dec. 26, 2010

2011 A.D.   (Most recent dates at bottom of Yearly Section)

 'Justified'...  What's That???  & Who Needs It???  <- Audio. Printed Version  What is the meaning of 'justification', why we need it, and who can supply it?  E. Fox Sermon Christmas 2 - - Jan 2, 2011

Epiphany - Gentiles & the Gospel  <- Audio.  (No Printed Version.)  The importance for Gentiles of Epiphany as a High Holy Day.    E. Fox Sermon   Jan. 6, 2011

The Acts of St. Luke's <- Audio. Printed Version.   What kind of commitment must a parish have to be effective for the Lord?   E. Fox sermon -   Jan. 9, 2011

Reason & Revelation Welded Back to Back - on the Offensive <- Audio.  Printed Version.  The union of reason and revelation, the two edges of the Sword of the Spirit - an invincible weapon.   Sermon, E. Fox    Jan 6, 2011 

Spiritual Warfare in the Church & America <- Audio.  Printed Version.  What is spiritual warfare, how has it been employed against the Church and America, and what can we do about it?   Sermon, E. Fox   Jan. 23, 2011

Why is the Law of God So GOOD?  <- Audio.  Printed Version.   Is the law of God arbitrary, mean-spirited?  or is it the law of freedom and grace?    Sermon E. Fox.  Jan. 30, 2011

Material Stones & Spiritual Stones <-Audio.  Printed Version a Theology of Buildings & Worship - Sermon, E. Fox (NOT YET AVAILABLE) - Feb. 6, 2011 -

Evangelism Opportunity <- Audio   Printed Version -- at St. Luke's church.   Ministry at local colleges and universities.  Sermon - E. Fox Feb. 13, 2011 

Preparation for Lent <- No Audio.   Beginning a discussion of the nature of sin for the Pre-Lenten season.   Printed Version.   Feb. 20, 2011 

The Ground of Your Heart & the Power of Sin <-Audio.   Printed Version.meditation on the parable of the seeds.  Feb. 27, 2011 

Faithful, Loving, & Hopeful - What does that Mean for Us? <- Audio.   Printed Version.   Preparation for Lent.  Sermon E. Fox     Mar. 6, 2011 

Born Again <- Audio.  Printed Version.  How fathering and mothering is the core of our identity, and our being made in the Image of God.  Start of a Lenten series on the basics of Christian faith.  (Next Sunday, "Justification by faith").  Sermon E. Fox   Mar. 13, 2011   

Justification by Faith Alone <- Audio.  Printed Version.    What is 'justification', and why 'alone'???  2nd Lenten sermon on Salvation.  (Next week, Why Jesus Had to Die) E. Fox  Mar. 20, 2011 

"I Am With You..."  the Mothering Gift <- Audio.   Printed Version.  How gender is an essential aspect of God in the Bible.  By implication, how the Bible redefines the whole meaning of sex and gender.   Sermon - E. Fox  Mar. 27, 2011 

Why Jesus had to die... <- Audio.  Printed Version.   What was the point of the killing of the only innocent person ever?  E. Fox sermon -   Apr. 3, 2011 

The Price Jesus Paid <- Audio.  Printed Version.   There was a price.  It was demanded.  And it was paid.  Why so?  And what did that accomplish?  There are surprises. E. Fox Sermon   Apr. 10, 2011

Dying Well <- Audio.   Printed Version   Palm Sunday Sermon -- Why Jesus went to the cross - to teach us how to die well.-  Apr. 17, 2011 

I'm Coming Back! <- Audio.  Printed Version.  Resurrection Day Sermon - on the Sudarium and the Shroud of Turin, and why they are important.   E. Fox   Apr. 24, 2011.   

Called to Witness <- Audio.   Printed version.   Easter II sermon, the calling of the disciples to be apostles, witnesses to the unbelievers -- with truth & grace.   E. Fox    May 1, 2011

The Good Shepherd <- Audio.  (No printed version.)  A trip through today's Scriptures: Psalm 23, Isaiah 40:1-11, 1 Peter 2:19-25, John 10:11-16.    E. Fox    May 8, 2011  

Sexual Freedom <-Audio. May 15, 2011   (No printed version)  How does God free us from sexual bondage?  "3 steps" to sexual freedom and maturity.   E. Fox     

The Community of Revelation & Faith  <- Audio.  Printed Version.   The passing on of our worldview and faith requires a community of revelation and faith which carries on through thick and thin.  E. Fox sermon. May 22, 2011    

A Small Gideon Army <- Audio.  Printed Version.   The future for St. Luke's REC.   Sermon E. Fox May 29, 2012   

Ascension Day -  (no Audio)  Printed Version.    Jesus' home coming.  Why the Ascension, Pentecost, and Trinity Sunday are the High Point of the Christian year.  Everything else builds toward that.   Sermon E. Fox May 29, 2012   

Pentecost -- (no Audio) Printed Version  What is this "power" of the Holy Spirit?  And how does God communicate that to us?     June 5, 2011    

The Fall - the Death of Relationship Reality <-Audio   Printed Version.  - Life is about relationships.  You take only your relationships with you when you exit this earth.  The Fall is about the death of those relationships -- necessarily so.  Sermon E. Fox   June 26, 2011  

God... & Successful Independence <-Audio.    Printed Version.How does God view our being "independent"?  A 4th of July Sermon.   E. Fox   July 3, 2011  

Lost & Found - a Sheep & a Coin <-Audio.  Printed Version.the Parable of the Good Shepherd -   July 10, 2010 

Finding our Way to Holy Communion <-Audio - Holy Communion at the altar is meant to produce a holy community out in the world -- Printed Version July 17, 2100  

The UnTamed Warrior & the Peace of God  <-Audio. - Printed Version   The warrior culture  of the fallen world -- must be tamed by God to serve Him and neighbor -- Sermon, E. Fox- July 24, 2011

We Have a Sick & Sinful Society -- Is there a MetaPhysician in the House?  <-Audio.  Printed version.  Sermon for the Feast of the Transfiguration  August 7, 2011  

Jesus & "Works" <-Audio. Printed Version  Are Jesus and Paul in conflict?  Sermon  August 14, 2100  

Idolatry in Their Hearts <-Audio.  Printed version.   What is idolatry, and why is it so bad?   Sermon.  August 21, 2011. 

...the Time of Thy Visitation - & Believing from the inside-out  <-Audio.  Printed Version.   The tragedy of not knowing the day of your visitation by the Lord, and the two ways we can know that day. Sermon E. Fox.  August 28,2011 

The Power to be Merciful <-Audio.   Why has the fallen world not the power to be merciful?  And why does God have that power?  Sermon, E. Fox   Printed Version Sept. 4, 2011

What is Truth? and How do we Know It? <-Audio.  Printed Version.   The Vital Question facing Judeo-Christians today.  Sermon Sept. 11, 2011.

Be Like Your Father in Heaven Above...  <-Audio.  Printed Version.  The power and beauty of being made in the Image of God.  Scary, and powerful.  Can we risk getting that close to God?  Sermon.  Sept. 18, 2011

Commands, Promises, & Spiritual Renewal  <- Audio.  Printed Version  The whole of the Gospel message is about the powerful renewal in the Holy Spirit - Pentecost.  Those who do not catch on to that truth will remain in the backwaters of spiritual growth and maturity.  Sermon,   Sept. 25, 2011  

...and All These Things Shall Be Added unto You   <-Audio.Printed Version.   The promises and the commands of God lead to the same goal - the Kingdom.  Why do we so seldom vigorously follow either of them?  And what is added unto us when we do?   Sermon   Oct. 2, 2011.   

Jesus, Miracles, & Reason <- Audio. Printed Version  Are miracles real?  Are they rational?  Yes, and Yes.  E. Fox Sermon -  Oct. 9, 2011  

The Harvest Truly is Great...  <- No Audio Available.  Printed Version     St. Luke's Day sermon on "doing the work of an evangelist" Oct. 16, 2011  

Jesus is Lord - Personal & Political <- Audio   Printed Version.  "Jesus is Lord" is a political statement -- as all early Christians (and Caesar) knew.  Why are we Christians today so silent about that???  And what are the consequences???  Sermon.   Oct. 23, 2011 

Jesus & Truth <-Audio.  Printed Version.   Is the Bible concerned with truth-seeking and truth-speaking today?  Yes.  The prophetic voice of the Bible needs to be applied to the present time.  When so applied, we find the American civil government to be apostate and treasonous.  This government, once under God and of, by, and for the people,  has rejected both God and the American people.  It has become no longer our servant, but our taskmaster.  As with the Hebrews, it is our own fault, but we can turn it around, if we repent of our own sins. Oct. 30, 2011.

The Beatitudes & the Saints <-Audio    Printed Version -    All Saints Day Sermon - What does it mean to be a "saint"?  Maybe some surprises...Nov. 6, 2011 

Imperturbable Spiritual Warfare <-Audio. Printed Version.  What is spiritual warfare, and how do we conduct it?  Sermon   Nov. 13, 2011 

Christ, the King & Fatherhood  <-Audio  Printed version.--  What does Christ being King have to do with our being a father (and by implication, mothers also)?  End-of-the-Church-year sermon.    Nov. 20, 2011

Jesus, the Temple, & Us <-Audio.   Printed version.   (Happy New Year!  First Sunday of Advent - Christian Liturgical New Year...  We begin the cycle of Jesus' life over again. ) Sermon on the spiritual, moral, & political impact of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.  Nov. 27, 2011

...Who has caused all Holy Scripture to be written for our learning...   <-Audio.   Printed Version  Why were the Scriptures written, and why are they so wonderful? - Advent 2 - Dec. 4, 2011.  

The Two "Comings" - Bonding & Judging <-Audio.  Printed Version.  BookEnds to Jesus' Ministry.  Advent 3 - Dec. 11, 2011 

Lord Jesus -- Please Come Back! <-Audio.  Printed Version.  Why is it so important that Jesus return???  Advent 4, Dec. 18, 2011

2012 A.D.   (Most recent dates at bottom of Yearly Section)

Jesus - Circumcision & Name <-Audio.   Printed Version.   What is the importance and meaning of the circumcision as the sign of the Covenant between God and the Hebrews?  Why is that linked to both Abraham's name and Jesus' name? New Years Day, Jan. 1, 2012

Wisemen, Herod, & Western Civilization <-Audio   Printed Version. --  What is the significance of the Epiphany and the Visitors from the East to the Christ Child?  Jan. 8, 2012 

Incarnate Grace <-Audio.  Printed Version.   John the Baptist announces the coming of the Messiah -- Why did He come?  What was the point of an incarnation?   What was the connection to the Gentiles?  Jan. 15, 2012  

LAW - the Biblical Roots Thereof... <-Audio.  Printed Version.   A sermon on the meaning of civil law, and the logically necessary Godly foundations.  .  Jan 29, 2012  

Law & Grace <- Audio.  Printed Version.  How are law and grace connected?  Allies not enemies.  Sermon Feb. 5, 2012.  (See also, "LAW" Jan. 29th next above)

How Then Do We Respond?  <-Audio.  Printed Version. to Obama, tyranny, sexual abuse, moral and political chaos?  Feb. 12, 2012 

Faith, Love, & Hope - the 3 which endure <-Audio.  Printed version.  Law & grace - creation & redemption - faith,. love, and hope.  How do these fit together?   Feb. 19, 2012 

Choose Life - For Yourself and for the Littlest.  <- Audio.  Printed.  If we have not chosen life for ourselves, we probably will not choose life for the babies either.   Feb. 26, 2012.

Receiving the Glory <-Audio.  Printed Version.  Testimony on the negative effects of "the Glory of God" and transformation of that Glory to wholeness and righteousness Mar. 4, 2012

Pietistic or Sacramental? <Audio.  Printed.  "Pietism", limiting Christian faith to the personal and private and excluding the public arena (government, industry, commerce, etc.), is a heresy, not true Christianity.  It has all but destroyed the Christian presence in the public arena, in defiance of the sovereignty of God over all things.  True Christianity makes itself known in every facet of life.   E. Fox sermon - Mar. 11, 2012

The Kingdom -- Relationship Reality is Among You.  <-Audio.  Printed Version.  God is not "incomprehensible" or beyond understanding.  Because God is among us, the Kingdom is among us.  Sermon Mar. 18, 2012

Only the Innocent can Die for the Guilty - <-Audio.   Printed.  Why can only the innocent die for the guilty?  What's the connection?  And what kind of innocence is meant?  There are two ways to be guilty or innocent -- for my being (who I am), and for my doing (my behavior).  What's the difference?  and why is that distinction vitally important for understanding salvation?  Sermon Mar. 25,2012

Let Us Go that We May Die with Him <-Audio.   Printed.  To live well, we must know how to die well.  Palm Sunday points at Good Friday.  What will it cost us?   Sermon Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012 

How Do We Know? ...that Jesus was raised from the dead.  <-Audio.  Printed.  Easter sermon April 8, 2012  

We bind unto ourselves today the strong name of the Trinity....   <-Audio.  PrintedFinal sermon at St. Luke's REC.  The end of an era for many of us.  How can we separate with truth and grace?  Apr. 29, 2012.  

The One, Holy, & Undivided Trinity -- How 3 in 1???  <-Audio.  (No printed version.)   Sermon explaining the doctrine of the Trinity - at Christ Our Savior Anglican Church, Torrence, CA, June 3, 2012  

A New Reformation <-Audio.  (No printed copy - Click here for full expanded printed version.)   .  (I am back for now at the Episcopal Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, volunteering.)   July 8, 2012  

The "Comings" of God <-(audio -coming) Printed Ver.  Sermon  on what the Comings of Jesus tell us about the relation between the spiritual and material worlds.  Advent I Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012

2013 A.D.   (Most recent dates at bottom of Yearly Section)

** The Calling of Jesus - to Unite Heaven & Earth -   <- Printed (no audio). Both the pagan and secular worlds fail to unite the physical with the spiritual.  Only the Biblical world does that.  That single difference puts the Biblical world far ahead of either the secular or pagan worlds.  Sermon - Feb. 3, 2013 

** Cross My Heart & Hope to Die....! <-Audio (coming)  Printed.  How does God show that He means business with His promises???  See Genesis 15:6-18.  Sermon Lent 2, Feb. 24, 2013

** Fatherhood -- & Father's Day. <-Audio (coming).  Printed. How important is fatherhood?    June 16, 2013

Being, Doing, & Salvation <- Printed version (no audio).  Why is the distinction between being and doing so important in understanding the nature of salvation?    Sermon, Earle Fox Aug. 11, 2013 

  Talks - Lectures   

Anglican Resurrection - September 27, 2008   -   Given at St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church,  a conference on the coming Resurrection of Anglicanism -- which I still believe to have the best opportunity for becoming the "bridge Church" between the various (and sadly divided) aspects of Christendom -- catholic, evangelical, charismatic, Eastern Orthodox, and all other Christian denominations. 
        But, as this talk suggests, all of us will have to make serious changes toward a more fundamental (not fundamentalist) understanding of the Great Biblical Truths.   We will have to learn to put truth ahead of God -- so that truth can become the royal road to God.  (On the nature of truth and faith, see also,
The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific World.)     E. Fox 

Faith & Reason United -- Audio - given by Earle Fox at Biola University, La Mirada, CA, at the 2004 Intelligent Design Conference.  Available on CD from Biola.   See also Outline of Talk,  Science Library,  & Intelligent Design Library

From Other ReSources...   

From Michelangelo to Freud: The Devolution of Human Dignity -- audio by Vishal Mangalwadi, an Indian Christian philosopher exploring the future of Western Civilization.  This is the first lecture of several.  Go to http://www.soughtaftermedia.com/musunsetonwe.html for more info on Mangalwadi's other materials.  Mangalwadi is one of the finest, most articulate, and understandable of Christian thinkers of our time on the great issues of life.   

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